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18/09/2013 08:45 | By Steve Walker, content editor, MSN Cars

UK car parks accepting conkers as payment. Yes, conkers!

Town Centre Car Parks in Manchester and Leeds are accepting conkers in exchange for parking spaces

UK car parks accepting conkers as payment (© Rex)

We can only imagine what went down in the management meeting at Town Centre Car Parks (TCCP) when someone floated the idea of accepting conkers instead of cash. What we do know is that, incredibly, the executive responsible wasn’t immediately escorted from the building in a straightjacket. Between the 16th and 22nd of September 2013, TCCP’s car parks in Leeds and Manchester are indeed taking payment in conkers.

One conker has the value of 20p

That’s right, forget parking for peanuts - for one week only, motorists in the north-west can park in exchange for the seeds of the mighty horse chestnut tree. The exchange rate seems generous too; one conker has the value of 20p and motorists can turn up with anything up to 50 conkers (£10 worth) to settle their bill.

The conkers must be intact, any with holes drilled in them will be rejected, as will any of the pickled persuasion. After the campaign, TCCP has promised to donate funds to the Hetchell Wood Nature Reserve, near Bardsey, which is managed by the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. There's no word on what they'll do with all the conkers.

“We’ve had an overwhelming response to the bonkers for conkers campaign so far and we’re really excited about it,” said Ben Ziff, managing director at TCCP. “We felt that it would be fantastic to give something back.”


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