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03/10/2013 09:30 | By Steve Walker, content editor, MSN Cars

Police seize £260k Lamborghini from uninsured London driver

Italian hypercar is confiscated when driver’s insurance proves to be invalid

Police seize £260k Lamborghini from uninsured London driver (© Met Police)

You might think that if you can afford to drive an Italian hypercar costing a quarter of a million quid, you can also afford to insure it. Well, the driver of this 700-horsepower Lamborghini Aventador wasn’t insured and now his exotic Italian hypercar is safely in the hands of the Metropolitan police.

The driver’s insurance policy didn’t cover him

The car was pulled over by police in Newham, London, because its front number plate was missing but the resulting background checks revealed that the driver’s insurance policy didn’t cover him to drive it.

The 217mph machine was one of 180 cars seized this week as part of a police crackdown on uninsured drivers. It’s by no means the first exotic sports car to spend some time in the police impound yard - earlier this year an amazing glow-in-the-dark Lamborghini Aventador was threatened with the crusher when its driver was caught without insurance.  

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