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The cheapest places in the UK to buy fuel

The cheapest places in the UK to buy fuel

The rush to top up on fuel means filling stations have made the national news headlines – and focused attention on just how much Brits are paying for fuel.

Petrol sales rise as motorists top up

No. 10: fill up now to avoid strike disruption

Tanker drivers to go on strike

Today’s drive to top up fuel tanks comes as pump prices in the UK hit record highs. The previous fuel price record, set in May 2011, has been broken due to continuing fears in the Middle East and stock market speculation.

The AA reports that a weaker pound, down 10 cents against the dollar, has also raised fuel prices in the UK.

Over the past month, unleaded prices rose by 3.5p per litre, to an average of 138.5p per litre. Diesel prices rose by 2.7p per litre, to a heady 145.5p per litre.

The gap between diesel and petrol did decline slightly though, to 7.0p per litre. Interestingly, the gap between supermarket prices and the UP average has also risen, to 2.4p per litre – meaning supermarkets’ price advantage is increasing.

It may not be the end of big hikes in fuel prices either, following the Government’s Budget 2012 decision not to postpone a 3p per litre increase in fuel duty, due on August 1.

But where are the cheapest and most expensive places to buy fuel in the UK? Seeking out the lowest prices is more important than ever, but which regions of the UK are better off than others here?

MSN Cars has used official AA analysis data to reveal that Yorkshire and Humberside has the most affordable fuel prices in the UK. Prices there are 0.6p per litre below average – that’s a 2.7p per gallon saving.

The most expensive fuel in the UK is Northern Ireland, which is a hefty 0.7p per litre more expensive than the national average – 3.1p a gallon, or 35p extra for every tankful on an average family hatchback.

Below, we have listed UK fuel prices compared to the national average, and also listed the price difference to the national average in brackets. How much more or less are you paying in YOUR local area?


Yorkshire & Humberside: 137.9p (-0.6p)

North: 138.0p (-0.5p)

North West: 138.0p (-0.5p)

Scotland: 138.1p (-0.4p)

West Midlands: 138.3p (-0.2p)

East Midlands: 138.4p (-0.1p)


East Anglia: 138.8p (+0.3p)

London: 138.8p (+0.3p)

South West: 138.9p (+0.4p)

Wales: 138.9p (+0.4p)

South East: 139.0p (+0.5p)

Northern Ireland: 139.2p (+0.7p)


Yorkshire & Humberside: 144.7p (-0.8p)

North West: 145.0p (-0.5p)

East Midlands: 145.1p (-0.4p)

North: 145.1p (-0.4p)

West Midlands: 145.2p (-0.3p)


London: 145.6p (+0.1p)

Scotland: 145.6p (+0.1p)

East Anglia: 145.7p (+0.2p)

South West: 145.8p (+0.3p)

Wales: 145.9p (+0.4p)

South East: 146.0p (+0.5p)

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