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Speed Racer Mach 5 cartoon car brought to life

Real Mach 5 car from Speed Racer cartoon

Real Mach 5 car from Speed Racer cartoon (© www.SondersPhotography.com)
  • Real Mach 5 car from Speed Racer cartoon (© www.SondersPhotography.com)
  • What is Speed Racer? (© www.SondersPhotography.com)
  • What is the Mach 5? (© www.SondersPhotography.com)
  • What is the real Mach 5 based on? (© www.SondersPhotography.com)
  • How close is the ‘real’ Mach 5 to the cartoon car? (© www.SondersPhotography.com)
  • Does the real Mach 5 have any special features? (© www.SondersPhotography.com)
  • What’s the Mach 5 like inside? (© www.SondersPhotography.com)
  • How easy is the Mach 5 to drive? (© www.SondersPhotography.com)
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Meet the Mach 5 - the crazy cartoon racing car from the Street Racer cartoon series. Except this is no cartoon. US-based car customiser Mark Towle handbuilt the car for owner Len Mosco staying faithful to the drawings of the 1960s animated series and the original Japanese manga comics that spawned it.

It’s a fantasy car made metal and yes, you can drive it on the road - as long as the rotating circular saw blades are retracted.

The Real Mach 5 official site

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