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MG Icon revealed to rival Nissan's Juke

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MG Icon revealed to rival Nissan's Juke - steering wheel

MG has revealed a bold crossover concept car called Icon at the Beijing Motor Show, which has created such a stir that many are already tipping it for a 2014 launch.

The Icon is a compact crossover that's a direct rival to the Nissan Juke. It has been shown in concept form at the Beijing show to launch the next phase in the relaunch of MG - one that will lead to many more new production MGs in the future.

The Icon is MG's way of grabbing plenty of publicity for its bold future plans. Significantly though, a spokesman said it's based on a production-ready platform derived from the MG5 hatchback.

This means the proportions and basic outline already fit something that could become reality - joining the many other new MGs the firm is planning to launch...

What is the MG Icon like inside?
The Icon has head-turning 'suicide' rear doors, which open out a bit like the original Mazda RX-8's doors. These rear-hinged rear doors reveal a four-seater cabin that has a clever rear deck arrangement - the seats fold flat to create a sturdy load bay.

Up front, the dashboard is shaped like a twin-cowl classic car, and has touch-sensitive surfaces that are a modern touch, albeit unlikely to make production.

However, like the outside, the rest of the interior doesn't seem too far beyond the realms of possibility. Many at the Beijing Motor Show are thus putting two and two together...

MG Icon (© MG)

Will MG make the Icon?
At the moment, the MG Icon is, officially, purely a concept car. "A decision on production is some way down the line," said designer Tony Williams.

"We will wait and see what the reaction to Icon is here at the show and in other places we'll take it to."

the MG Icon is, officially, purely a concept car

He did say that styling features from the Icon, such as the distinctive front end design, could end up appearing on future MGs.

But many are expecting the company to go further: some are actually suggesting a production date of 2014 for a showroom-ready version of the bold MG Icon.

Is the MG Icon genuinely British?
The MG Icon can rightly claim to be more British than most other concept cars. Not only does it reference models from MG's past, it was also largely designed at the MG Motor design studio in Birmingham.

It is based on the promising MG5 platform - which was also designed and engineered in the UK. It is more 'British' than many people first think.

The MG Icon was apparently inspired following a visit from MG parent company SAIC, who were intrigued by some of the historic models from MG's past. This is why the MG Icon deliberately references some of the firm's classics.

There could be more on the cards too, added Williams: there will be more MGs, and when asked whether we'll see another MGB in the future, he said: "I hope so".

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