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Kia Cross GT concept hints at premium 7-seat crossover

Kia to unveil Cross GT premium Crossover Utility Vehicle at the Chicago Auto Show

Kia Cross GT concept hints at premium 7-seat crossover

Kia is continuing its move upmarket with the news that it’s about to launch what it calls a ‘premium Crossover Utility Vehicle (CUV) concept’.

It’s currently known as the Cross GT and, whilst it’s not destined for Europe, it might provide a few hints as to Kia’s future design direction.

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Details of the Cross GT are scarce – the press release consisted of literally five lines of text. But we do know it will be larger than the new 2013 Sorento and will be unveiled at this month’s Chicago Auto Show.

If the associated picture is anything to go by, the GT Sport retains Kia’s ‘tiger noise’ front-end, giving it a rather aggressive and angry feel. The vents on the leading edge of the doors also look like a nod in the direction of the new Range Rover. And is there a suggestion of a panoramic glass sunroof too?

It’s all guesswork of course – the reality is the drawing is a little too Grand Theft Auto to be able to draw any real conclusions.

The fact that it’s bigger than the Sorento might suggest the Cross GT is a premium 7-seat vehicle, going to head-to-head with the new Hyundai Santa Fe LWB. Alternatively, it may have a more premium van feel, as seen on Volkswagen’s CrossBlue concept.

Kia says its concept is ‘inspired by nature, driven by technology’. No, we don’t know what that means either. But it’s the second concept to be teased by Kia, with a ‘racy new urban concept car’ announced earlier in the week.

As for the Sport GT, we’ll just have to wait for the Chicago Auto Show’s media preview to find out more. MSN Cars will bring you all the news.

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