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Gardner Douglas Lola T70 replica

Gardner Douglas Lola T70 replica

This is British sportscar manufacturer Gardner Douglas’s GD T70-moda – a modern day homage to the Lola T70 Le Mans racer of the 1960s.

Established in 1990, Gardner Douglas has been making open-top replicas of the famous British sportscar for over a decade. But, for 2012, the firm has endowed its T70 Spyder with a roof, turning the car into a proper coupé.

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The T70-moda’s roof is a glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) canopy with integrated half-gullwing doors, similar to the design of the original Lola T70 coupé. The T70-moda also employs a more conventional entry method via normal doors though, helping improve practicality.

The car can be driven either fully closed or with the gullwing doors removed to create a targa roof. The canopy can be retro-fitted to existing T70 Spyders if owners require a bit more protection from the elements.

The T70-moda uses a General Motors LS3 or LS7 V8 (as seen in the Corvette) displacing 6.2 and 7.0 litres respectively, with power output anywhere between 450hp and 750hp depending on the customer’s choice. The small-block GM engine is mated to a Porsche five-speed or optional six-speed manual gearbox.

With the T70 Spyder weighing around 850kg in typical road trim, the company claims it will complete the dash to 60mph from rest in 3.0 seconds dead in its most powerful state of tune, with a top speed in excess of 180mph.

Better aerodynamics and minimal weight added through the GRP roof means the T70-moda’s top speed could touch 200mph, while the 0-60mph time will likely remain the same.

Gardner Douglas is not quoting any performance figures for the new T70-moda yet, however.

Pricing information and a launch date for the T70-moda is also yet to be confirmed, but the company says interested customers will be able to view a finished car in May this year.

On Bing: see pictures of the Gardner Douglas T70 Spyder


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