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EU plans to install speed limiters in ALL cars?

Big Brother-style speed control for every car in Britain?

EU plans to install speed limiters in ALL cars?

EU plans to mandate speed limiters in all cars have been revealed ahead of formal proposals being published in the autumn – and British Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin is reportedly furious with them.

The proposals would see all cars in the EU fitted with speed limiter technology. This would read road speed limit signs and automatically slow the car down if it was going too fast.

Big Brother is watching the motorist – and it’s only getting worse

80mph is the national speed limit already – so hurry up and make it law

The plans are said to be part of proposals being developed by the EC’s Mobility and Transportation department – so-called ‘Intelligent Speed Adaptation’, or ISA, would be a key part of the new road safety scheme.

The technology already exists in many new cars, which have cameras mounted by the rear-view mirror that scan for speed limit signs and display the limit on the dashboard.

The new EU plans would be a step further though, actually braking the car and not allowing it to travel faster than the signposted limit for that road.

Roads that do not carry signs would use speed limit information stored in the sat nav system and stick to that speed limit instead – technically making it impossible to go faster than 70mph.

Such technology is already used in trucks and HGVs. The EU reportedly favours it because it’s cheap and easy – and able to harness technology already being fitted by car manufacturers.

The EU would also demand older cars to be retrofitted with the new technology, to ensure no car on the road could go faster than 70mph.

Mail Online says McLoughlin “erupted” when he read about the plans, and has instructed British officials to block the moves. “This has Big Brother written all over it,” a source told the news channel.

30,000 people die every year on EU roads: the EC believes 6,000 of them could be saved every year by the adaptation of speed limiter technology.

There were 1,754 road deaths on UK roads last year: the lowest since records began in 1926.

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