27/09/2013 11:00 | By CJ Hubbard
Equus Bass 770: America’s all-new muscle car

What is the Equus Bass 770?

What is the Equus Bass 770? (© Equus Automotive)
  • What is the Equus Bass 770? (© Equus Automotive)
  • What is the Equus Bass 770 based on? (© Equus Automotive)
  • What does the Equus Bass 770 look like? (© Equus Automotive)
  • What is the Equus Bass 770 made from? (© Equus Automotive)
  • Speaking of the ‘roar’, tell us more about the Equus Bass 770’s engine… (© Equus Automotive)
  • How powerful is the Equus Bass 770, and how fast does it go? (© Equus Automotive)
  • What kind of suspension, brakes and gearbox does the Equus Bass 770 use? (© Equus Automotive)
  • Does the Equus Bass 770 come with modern creature comforts and safety aids? (© Equus Automotive)
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What you’re looking at here is quite possibly the ultimate ‘pony car’ – a brand-new slab of American muscle heavily tinged with retro flair, six years in the making.

It’s called the Equus Bass 770, it’s powered by a 640hp 6.2-litre suprecahrged V8, and you can buy one priced from $253,000. Which is around £157,000.

Please click the image above to read more about the new Equus Bass 770 muscle car

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