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Dorset Police launch £25k super speed cameras

Dorset Police launch £25k super speed cameras

Dorset Police have unveiled a pair of high-tech new mobile speed cameras that cost £12,500 each. The laser-based device is so accurate it can tell if drivers are using a mobile phone or not wearing their seatbelt up to half a mile away.

The ‘Concept II’ camera features laser speed detection equipment – nothing new there – but is also equipped with a high-definition video recorder that can clearly observe an unbuckled belt 600 metres away.

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The evidence can be recorded straight to a DVD for use in prosecuting drivers who break the law.

The introduction of the new camera follows the rural force’s crackdown on such offenses after officers were stunned by a particularly unusual incident involving a musical instrument.

Project Manager, Brian Austin told the Mail Online:

“Bizarrely, officers at one of the sites in Dorchester were stunned to see a driver pass them while playing a harmonica using both hands.

“He claimed that he thought he was driving while playing the harmonica quite successfully.”

Thanks to the precision of the Concept II and the superior quality of evidence  it captures, the police will now be able to bring more prosecutions against alleged offenders.

However, the new initiative has been criticised by anti-speed camera campaigns, with organisations dismissing it as a way to maximise the number of recorded offences to simply make money.

Speed cameras – everything you need to know

Top speed camera hotspots

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