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Dacia Sandero from £69 per month

Sandero supermini is the UK’s most affordable car to finance, too

Dacia Sandero from £69 per month

Renault’s budget brand Dacia is offering its Sandero supermini from just £69 per month, making the newcomer the cheapest vehicle to finance in UK.

The Romanian marque already holds the record for the cheapest car on sale outright in Britain with the entry-level Sandero, costing just £5,995.

£5,995 Dacia Sandero “UK’s most affordable” new car

Dacia launches in UK with £8,995 SUV

To secure the £69 a month contract – little more than some present day gym memberships or satellite TV subscriptions, according to Dacia – buyers will have to put down a £1,845 deposit.

For your subsequent 48 monthly payments of £69 you get the entry-level Sandero Access 1.2, powered by a 75hp four-cylinder petrol that accelerates the small five-door hatch from 0-62mph in 14.5 seconds.

Not electrifying performance then, but efficiency is relatively good at a claimed 47.9mpg combined, while 137g/km CO2 means £120 annual road tax. Besides, whether you’re buying it on finance or with cash, the Sandero is cheap in the first place that spending a little extra on running costs shouldn’t break the bank.

The cheapest agreement is based on a 9.4% APR rate, but there are other finance packages available. For example, an alternative package with a tiny £699 deposit requires monthly payments of £99.

The firm has also extended its attractive finance offers to the Duster SUV – the cheapest off-roader in the UK, priced from £8,995.

£99 a month – over the same 48-month period as the Sandero – will get you a base-spec two-wheel drive Duster Access with a 105hp 1.6-litre four-cylinder engine.

Do be aware that Access trim on both models only comes equipped with the bare essentials.

For example, there are “contrasting” black bumpers and the only paint choice is white; on the inside you get the wiring for a stereo and a set of speakers, but not the actual equipment itself.

That said, both the basic Sandero and Duster get four airbags, but only the supermini receives stability control as standard in basic form.

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£5,995 Dacia Sandero “UK’s most affordable” new car

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