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Clarkson cleared over striking worker jibe

Clarkson cleared over striking worker jibe

Jeremy Clarkson has been cleared by media watchdog Ofcom following his remarks on the BBC’s The One Show that striking public sector workers should be shot in front of their families.

Clarkson to be investigated by Ofcom

Jeremy Clarkson on MSN Cars

The comments on the BBC One show led to almost 32,000 complaints – but despite this, Ofcom has cleared Clarkson.

Should Clarkson have been cleared?

The regulator said viewers should be familiar with Clarkson’s “provocative and outspoken nature”, which was also referred to in the programme’s introduction.

“Consequently, the editorial nature of the programme as a whole would have prepared viewers for the type of comments Jeremy Clarkson would be likely to make,” said Ofcom.

Clarkson’s tongue in cheek comments were aired on 30 November, as public sector workers embarked on a one-day strike over changes to pension schemes.

Ofcom director Christopher Woolard explained its decision to clear Clarkson of breaking broadcasting regulations in a letter to Unison, which lodged a complaint with Ofcom.

The regulator said it was “clear to most viewers that his comments were not an expression of seriously held beliefs or views that should be literally interpreted”.

Clarkson’s apology after the event was also taken into account: Unison accepted this and, it has emerged, also invited Clarkson to spend a day with a healthcare assistant.

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