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Britain’s most haunted roads

Afraid of things that go bump in the road? Then watch out for these ghoulish thoroughfares

Britain’s most haunted roads

Where are the most haunted roads in our fair isle? It’s a question that’s been troubling superstitious motorists for too long, reckons insurance4carhire.com.

So now the company which – incidentally – provides insurance for hire cars, has compiled a list of the scariest roads in the UK. Hooray for that.

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If you’re minded to pay heed to such advice and you want avoid the grim spectre of paranormal activity whilst out and about this Halloween, you’d better programme your sat-nav to steer clear of the following roads:-

The A229 between Kent and Sussex

This stretch of the A229 is apparently haunted by a woman who was killed on her wedding day in 1965. We’re saying nothing about wedding crashers. You have been warned.

The M6 – England

Yes, that’s right – the M6. All of it? Well insurance4carhire.com doesn’t single out a particular stretch of motorway, so we presume so. Roman soldiers have been sighted along this ‘historic’ road, says the company. We say someone probably spotted an AA man in foggy weather on the hard shoulder and got spooked.

A75 – Kinmont Straight, Scotland

This ‘ghost road’ in south-west Scotland has allegedly been the scene of many frightening encounters – including people walking towards vehicles only to vanish as they are struck – and ‘ethereal wild dogs’. Look on the bright side though – an ethereal dog is less likely to bite you than a real one. Better fill your pockets with bonio if you’re up that way this Halloween.

A616 Stockbridge bypass

The company says this road is considered ‘cursed’ due to numerous sightings of cloaked, headless figures haunting a bridge along it. Could they be youths in hooded tops on their way home after missing the bus? There are many possible explanations for what appear to be ghostly apparitions, but still, we’d advise not hugging these particular hoodies.

A541, Wales

Drivers along this stretch of Welsh tarmac have reportedly spotted a haggard elderly lady crossing the road. Could there be an old people’s home nearby, perhaps? Who knows, but plenty of reports exist about paranormal sightings on this road, which runs between Wrexham and Mold in North Wales.

So keep your eyes peeled out there. And don’t have nightmares.

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