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Car parts most likely to wear out

Car parts most likely to wear out

A warranty specialist has analysed its claims records to discover the top 10 car parts most likely to wear out.

Top of the list are suspension arms – and it’s a list well worth checking out if you’re buying a new or used car, warns Warranty Direct.

An incredible 1 in 3 repairs to cars aged between 3 and 7 years old is due to wear-related failure. Modern cars are built tough, but it still doesn’t mean you can ignore ‘wear and tear’ when in use.

Some used car warranty schemes specifically exclude wear and tear failures. What’s more, extended new car warranties often only cover material or manufacturing defects.

As you’d perhaps expect, wear-related failures increase in frequency as a vehicle ages and moves outside the traditional 3-year cover period.

Repairing them if you’re not covered will not be cheap, either. Tiny parts such as water pump bearings can cost £200, while gearboxes cost an average of nearly £1,400 to repair.

“The statistics highlight the importance of checking the small print on longer term new car warranties and after-market policies,” said Duncan McClure Fisher of Warranty Direct.

Top 10 parts failures due to wear and tear

1 Suspension arms

2 Ball joint

3 Steering rack

4 Turbo

5 Water pump

6 Wheel bearings

7 Fuel pump

8 Flywheel

9 Injector

10 Automatic gearbox


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