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National Bubble and Microcar Museum

National Bubble and Microcar Museum (© image © Motoring Research)

An eclectic collection of the very smallest production cars, from three wheelers to microcars.

National Bubble and Microcar Museum, Byards Leap, Cranwell, Lincs NG34 8EY

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Admission & Opening times
The Museum is open from 10am (last admissions 4pm) at weekends and on Bank Holidays from April to November inclusive, plus Fridays and Mondays in July and August.
Also open other times for party bookings.
Adults £2.50, children 75p

Links & contacts
Web: www.bubblecarmuseum.co.uk

Tel: 01400 262637

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This is a museum that mixes interesting with oddball and the simply bizarre. With around 70 examples of the tiniest cars on the planet, there's interest for everyone here. The term Bubble Car strictly refers to those with the rounded glass top - Isetta, Heinkel, and Messerschmitt - but it's become a common term for most miniature cars.

Then there are microcars, of the sort that the French still specialise in, but in time they've been built all over Europe. With four wheels and four happy, smiling faces peering out of the windows in the advertisements, they are really so cramped that they make the original Mini feel as roomy as a Rolls-Royce.

The Museum also has an excellent selection of three wheelers. Yes, there's a Del Boy Reliant, but you may not know there were many three wheelers that in their day were more sophisticated and much more fun. I tested one of the last Reliant three wheels and I vowed it was the first and last time I would ever get in one. But a Berkeley or a Bond? Now you're talking!

The Bubble Car Museum also hosts rallies in the field alongside and offers Bed and Breakfast and camping for those who make the journey to Byards Leap, about 20 minutes from Grantham.

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