09/06/2008 00:00 | By Kaylin Krashesky and Ian Dickson

In pictures: the history of Porsche

The history of Porsche (© Image © Porsche)

Happy birthday Porsche. Sixty years ago almost to the day Porsche launched its first production car.

That car was the 356, and since then the German company has gone on to become not only the greatest sports car maker on earth, but the most profitable car company, too.

In pictures: the history of Porsche

Porsche 911 Targa (© Image © Porsche)

So to celebrate all things Porsche, we bring you the history of the fabled marque, starting right back in 1948 with the 356 and progressing through to the modern day, taking in success stories such as the 911, Cayenne and Boxster, as well as those models like the 924 that didn't quite hit the spot.

Sixty years ago, Ferry Porsche said: "It all started when I began looking around and just could not find my dream car. So I decided to build it myself." He has subsequently not just built his ideal car, but turned a fledgling family business into a major global player.

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