09/09/2008 00:00 | By By Ian Dickson

Mega-gallery: wrecked Ferraris

Mega-gallery: wrecked Ferraris including this 360 which was totalled at a track day (© Image © Wreckedexotics.co.uk)

Money doesn't buy you luck or talent, as the drivers of some of these wrecked Ferraris discovered.

MEGA-GALLERY: wrecked Ferraris

When we saw that our friends at Wrecked Exotics had hundreds of pictures of crashed Ferraris, we decided to bring you the best of the selection. And with well in excess of £5m worth of Ferraris ready for the breakers yard, it's enough to make a die-hard enthusiast cry.

Rest assured, however, that as far as we know no one was killed or seriously injured in the following aftermath.

All photography courtesy of Wreckedexotics.com

MEGA-GALLERY: wrecked Ferraris
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