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The UK’s least depreciating cars

Audi Q7 (© Image © Audi)

We all know that the moment we drive our shiny new cars off the forecourt they lose thousands of pounds in depreciation.

Add to that the cost of insurance, fuel and servicing and it is little surprise motoring is the second biggest expense we have.

The complete list: the 20 least depreciating cars

Mini Cooper S (© Image © BMW)

However, there is a way to beat the dreaded depreciation game by picking a motor that holds on to its value. Lex, the contract hire specialist, has revealed the top 20 least depreciating cars in the UK, and it seems German cars are the way to go, taking seven of the top 10 places in the list. However, that list was headed by the BMW-owned but British-made Mini, which has just been facelifted and remains as popular as ever with new car buyers. After three years and 60,000 miles it will still be worth 54% of what you paid for it – leaving a nice sum for a deposit on your next motor.

Audi TT (© Image © Audi)

The Mini was followed by the Audi TT and A5, both new and both with waiting lists, ensuring that their used values remain buoyant. They will hold on to 52% and 51% respectively. It also appears that the bad press surrounding gas-guzzling 4x4s doesn’t seem to have done their resale values any harm, with the Range Rover Sport in fourth position, retaining half its value after three years’ driving, and the Honda CR-V, Land Rover Freelander and Mercedes M-Class all in the top 20. In fifth place is the Mercedes SLK (49%), its clever metal folding roof appealing to buyers who want security and sunshine.

As for green entries, the Toyota Prius is the only car that makes it on to the list, while the perennially-popular Porsche Boxster, topping the list previously, has been pushed down to 14th place.

Steve Jones, Lex Pricing Manager, said: “Those used buyers who can’t afford a new Mini or Audi TT may well be able to stretch to a used one in two or three years’ time so they will be in high demand, thus pushing up prices.”

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