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Top 50: best cars of the 1960s

1964-1967 Sunbeam Tiger - A 164bhp V8 was shoe-horned into the engine bay of the Sunbeam Alpine to create the Tiger. Performance was impressive, but the barely unchanged chassis struggled to cope.

Miniskirts, Jimi Hendrix and the summer of love. There's no other way to describe it - the '60s were groovy.

The world dragged itself out of post-war austerity and a new sense of optimism prevailed.

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1966-1970 Oldsmobile Toronado - Putting 385bhp down through the front wheels may seem like a recipe for disaster, but surprisingly the Toronado was a better performer than many of its muscle car rivals.

Everything from music and fashion through to political thinking gained a sudden burst of creativity. The same thing was happening in the car industry. Designs like the Fiat 500 revolutionised the way we see small cars and set the blueprint to this day.

Want something a little more exotic? No problem. For the first time you could buy a mid-engined supercar with features like independent suspension and disc brakes, such as the Bonnet DJet. It was the decade that saw the birth of the modern car. It was also one that produced some of the most beautiful automotive icons.

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