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100mph drivers to be given extended retest?

Government proposes to be more strict on drivers who have offended

100mph drivers to be given extended retest?

The Government is consulting on plans to make it harder for speeding and dangerous drivers to get their licence back.

Drivers who are banned for dangerous driving offences may be forced to take an extended test TWICE as long as a regular test, according to new Government suggestions.

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This would include drivers who have been caught travelling at more than 100mph.

The Government also plans to toughen up the law on what constitutes ‘illegal’ driving, which could see more drivers losing their licence. Penalties will include dangerous and drink driving, plus greater enforcement of careless driving rules.

Currently, driving at more than 30mph automatically registers a driving ban. If it is for more than 56 days, drivers have to take a retest before they get their driving licence back.

Last financial year, reports the Daily Mail, 5,299 drivers had to take a retest after losing their licence – but 9,000 drivers were banned for a single speeding offence last year and experts say around 3,000 of these could be affected by the new plans.

1,000 more drivers could also be affected by proposals to toughen up the careless driving legislation.

The extended driving test that’s proposed before such drivers can get their licences back is, at 85 minutes, twice as long as a regular driving test. It also costs twice as much to take: £124 instead of £62.

Officials say the longer driving tests would be tailored to each motorist, to concentrate on the type of driving they were banned for – in order to check that they’ve actually improved here.

The proposals are part of broader Government plans to tighten up legislation surrounding motoring offences. This includes removing the ‘sobering-up’ loophole MSN Cars reported on last week.

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