Frankfurt Motor Show 2013
19/08/2013 15:30 | By Sean Carson, contributor, MSN Cars

Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R for 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show

New 400hp Toyota Yaris hot-hybrid-hatchback to spearhead hybrid showcase at Frankfurt 2013

Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R (© Toyota)

As we predicted last week, Toyota will unveil a 400hp Yaris Hybrid-R supermini concept at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show next month after dedicating its appearance at the German auto expo to "the presentation of hybrid technology".

The Japanese firm has been at the forefront of hybrid technology in the modern era with its eco-focused Prius family hatchback, but has also brought petrol-electric propulsion systems to the fore in top line world motorsport with its TS030 Le Mans racer.

Powered by Toyota’s 1.6-litre Global Racing Engine and supplemented by a pair of electric motors, the Yaris Hybrid-R actually uses similar technology to the firm’s hybrid Le Mans prototype, with kinetic energy recovered under breaking ‘stored’ in a super capacitor as electricity.

This allows quicker charging and discharging of energy – ideal for performance vehicles like a Le Mans car or a 400hp hybrid supermini, obviously…

Toyota hybrids have already saved a staggering 12 billion litres of fuel

The Yaris Hybrid-R is a showcase for "possible future hybrid development ideas that can deliver greater performance and driver rewards", according to Toyota – something the firm is reinforcing at Frankfurt 2013.

While the result of the new concept is "a highly focused machine, designed to deliver maximum driving pleasure, both on road and track," the Japanese firm will also be highlighting 16 years of Toyota hybrid technology at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show – as well as the latest step towards the ultimate zero-emission car.

There’ll be a "status update" about this project – called the Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle – ahead of the production car’s launch in 2015, as Toyota looks to build on its 5.5 million hybrid sales since 1997.

In the 16 years since the Prius first went on sale in Japan, Toyota believes that its global fleet of hybrid vehicles – currently supported by 23 different models in the range – has already saved a staggering 12 billion litres of fuel and 34 million tonnes of CO2 emissions.

The Yaris Hybrid-R and the Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle are the next steps in the Japanese automotive giant’s plans to cut global CO2 emissions and deliver more efficient modes of transport.

To reinforce this aim, by the end of 2015 Toyota claims it will have introduced 16 new or revised hybrid models.


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