17/07/2013 12:45 | By Ian Dickson
The cheapest cars with air-con for sale on Auto Trader

The cheapest used cars in the UK with air-conditioning, starting at £250

The cheapest used cars in the UK with air-conditioning, starting at £250 (© Ssangyong)
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Air-conditioning in our cars might seem like an unnecessary extravagance when the UK only experiences about two weeks of ‘heatwave’ every year. It's a bit like the argument for local councils stocking up on snowploughs for a couple of days' snowfall a year.

But if you’re stuck in a car without air-con, sweat pouring off your brow, head hanging out of the window gasping for air like a puppy, you’ll wish you’d looked out for that little A/C button when choosing your car.

Thankfully most new cars come with air-con as standard, but not all of us can afford to splash out tens of thousands on a new motor. Here we list the 20 cheapest cars we could find on Auto Trader to come with the heatstroke-preventing tech.

Click on the image above to see the 20 cheapest cars in the UK with air-con

17/07/2013 17:55
buy a little battery fan to keep you cool because any of these cars is like putting your money down the drain.
The bottom line is you get what you pay for in life.
17/07/2013 17:51
i'd like to see pictures of the actual  cars you found, i bet they look 250 quid 's worth
17/07/2013 18:24
Get to work and stay at work,   you lazy, good for nowt  anything for nothings.  We are approaching being a third world country because our  "working"  population is work-shy ,  ignorant and wants all for nothing.     The  "Shameless" people  should  earn their keep or be  dumped on Islamabad.  After all,   Islamabad sent their "shameless"  to England.
17/07/2013 19:38

Try reading the Honda Accord advert correctly!!!!! NOT £250 Its £2250........


18/07/2013 00:34
these cars are for spares or repair if the exist at all an like everything else on here lately this article is bull****.
18/07/2013 16:59

Air Con in a car with a small engine is not great to be honest as it runs off the engine, reducing power & fuel economy into the bargain. I had a 1.0 Micra a few years ago with air con fitted. Would get it on the motorway and put my foot to the floor. Didn't have to worry about speed cameras because as soon as you switched the A/C on the speed would drop below 70 anyway. It would guzzle fuel at a much higher rate of knots though!

The reduction in power & fuel economy is far less noticeable in a car with a larger engine.

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