06/02/2014 09:00 | By Martyn Collins
The best used cars under £1,000

Cheap used cars for less than £1,000

Cheap used cars for less than £1,000 (© Rover)
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Need a car in these testing financial times but finding the cash hard to come by? This collection of cheap used cars for under £1,000 should help you out.

ve picked 20 of the best used vehicles that you can pick up for under a grand. Click through the gallery for the best value used car bargains on todays market

30/01/2013 16:16
Whatever you buy under £1000, dont expect wonders. If its a Ford, it will be rusty, even the Focus (and you wont get an 04 like the picture for £1000 unless its done 200000 miles). A Zafira and welcome to the wonderful world of egr valves and limp home mode. A Discovery, yeah, shouldnt bother with the door mate, climb in through the hole in the floor. Also, if you can only afford £1000, you better not drive anywhere, as you cannot afford to put fuel in. Also, on the Rover 75 it says check for uneven tyre wear?!? I personally would check the K series engine as it probably has no water in the header tank and will cost another £1000 to put right. Tyres wearing unevenly are probably the least of your worries! Even the Polo is probably to be avoided. A nice Polo starts at £2500, a crock with a dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree is going to be yours for a grand. A Felicia, yeah right, when did you last see one of those on the road? Oh, and to pay a grand for it? Nah mate, doubt it. Also, those of you who read this and think its gospel, be careful. If somebody enquires after a car and says that MSN told them it should only be a £1000, instead of the sellers asking price, expect to be laughed at, and then sworn at.
03/02/2013 01:05
Interesting article but a little simplistic for me.
Most cars have issues whatever the badge on them.
The 75 is a great car, however keep away from the 1.8 petrol 4 cylinder models due to head gasket failure.
Best buys are the V6 and the diesel.
Make sure with the V6 the cam belts have been changed. They're a pig of a job.
If you have to have them changed get some quotes first as you may be looking upwards of a grand.
I had mine done including a water pump and labour for £450.00 with genuine parts from ebay.
Check the thermostat housing which is in the 'V' of the engine for leaks.
The VIS motors on the inlet manifold can cause problems...I've not had this one as yet.
Look out for leaking steering rack.
Early models were prone to the front coil springs breaking.
Rover recalled the cars for this fault. However I don't think all cars were returned to Rover for the upgrade.
The vertical link bars on the front suspension are prone to wear. You will hear them knocking.
Inexpensive to replace.
Also camshaft sensor failure is a popular fault but an easy fix.
The fuel pump is another weak point as it has a tendency to unscrew itself.
It's easy to get to as it's under the rear seat.
Automatic gearboxes are not too good, I would stick to the manual which has the Getrag gear box.
I have the 2 litre which driven sensibly will achieve high 20's and almost 40 on a run.
Not the fastest car and weighing in at almost 2 tons..but makes up for in comfort.
Just one other point...check the water level in the header tank weekly.
Overall it's a great car for very little money.
When I started my latest job everyone thought I was the new boss when I arrived in my 75.
30/01/2013 13:46
I used to own one of these and loved it. Good workhorse.

Make sure cambelt has been serviced at 60,000 miles.

Rust points around rear window and wheel arches

Check temperature gauge as thermostats can need replacing.

All spares are cheap and readily available.

Skoda Owners Club UK offers good support on all models.
01/02/2013 11:43
is that ryan giggs driving the focus?
26/07/2014 15:03
Typical used car dealer! .. Wonga loan arrangers have more ethics..
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