10/02/2014 09:45 | By Martyn Collins
The 20 best hot hatches to suit all budgets

The best used hot hatches

Jeremy Clarkson (© BBC)
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An old school hot hatch has so much to offer for such little cost, as the Top Gear boys found out during this weekend’s episode of the hit motoring show. But outside the Volkswagen Golf GTI, Vauxhall Nova SRi and Ford Fiesta XR2i Clarkson (above), Hammond and May chose respectively, what other hidden gems could you pick up for not much cash?

We’ve got some great used performance bargains to take you back to your youth – or maybe you’re looking for your first fast car on a shoestring? Whatever your criteria, take a look at these cut-price hot hatch heroes.

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15/03/2013 12:57
Yet another car related article on MSN where the "journalist" has no clue what he's talking about. The prices suggested are all far from what they actually cost, & the idiot thinks there's only 2 generations of Civic Type R, I could fault every comment he made, but it's too easy.
15/03/2013 16:15
Pocket Rocked is an American term as they believe these cars are small.

Their idea of tuning is bigger engine. 150BHP from 4litres?We have Rally cars producing twice that with half the displacement and more

16/03/2013 20:12
This journalist is listing faults that could happen to any car at any time, eg, worn ball joints doesn't always mean the cars been hammered, they wear, on any car, useless article.
01/06/2013 00:24

So you include all this old junk but no mark 2 Ford Focus ST with the Volvo 2.5 5 cylinder? Its probably better value, performance, usability, reliability and build quality than virtually everything else listed here! Only the mk5 golf has everything the Focus has. 

04/02/2014 12:21
Had to look through twice...couldn't believe you'd missed out Renault 5 GT Turbo yet included some much later crud! Owned one and easily the most 'entertaining' drive over (most) of your choices.
04/02/2014 18:06
I feel that Top Gear has become more about the three presenters mucking around than the cars recently. A bit of messing around is amusing but it's got to be about the cars more than the messing around or it's going to come to an end.
What no Talbot Horizon 1.5GL Hatchback?
04/02/2014 16:05
MSN Motoring journalists live on another planet! Obvious UNI Grads who have never lived in the real Motoring World!
07/02/2014 11:17
lol...my spelling is ok...its my typing that's poor!
07/02/2014 11:16
nobody usde spell check here ?...velosity ?
06/02/2014 10:57
Got to agree with Mr Mann, this journalist ain't got a clue.
If he had then, the fiat Uno turbo would of been in the list as it use to wipe the floor with some of the cars featured.

05/02/2014 12:01
Who cares what that 'tyt' Clarkson thinks about these cars?
15/03/2013 15:06

I feel we have too many deaths on Britains roads now, without offering these cars to mindless morons,

with no insurance

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