27/02/2013 16:12 | By Steve Walker
Guilty pleasures: why a Honda HR-V is so wrong but so right

Why the Honda HR-V is a guilty pleasure

Honda HR-V: guilty pleasures (© Honda)
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My name is Steve and I quite like the Honda HR-V. There, I’ve said it. Now that’s out in the open it’s like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can get on with my life.

What is it about this small, weird-looking SUV from the late 90s that floats my boat? Well, firstly, the HR-V and I have got history. It was one of the first cars I was let loose in after breaking into ‘writing about cars’ (making tea and regurgitating press releases on a Surrey industrial estate). Secondly, as a concept, the HR-V was a good decade ahead of its time. Bear with me on this…   


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28/02/2013 12:27
I miss my HRV, a proper little work horse and fun in the snow, never ever let me down even after it was 10 years old, wish I hadn't passed it on and it is still going strong at 14.would get another tomorrow.
28/02/2013 09:21
WHY THE SURPRISE?  the Honda marque is a very good range. 
28/02/2013 10:08
Had three in my time,One used-two new,would buy another new one if still made,The first one was two wheel drive manual--the other two were auto four wheel drive,Great cars.
02/03/2013 19:32

i've got a hrv not a car that was on my radar just come across it by chance,not brill in the practicality scales ,4 seats instead of 5,not many storage holes,but is good to drive, you can throw it through corners no problem,good visibility,good driving position,comfortable,high tax, high fuel ,it's a honda you can't knock it's reliability record.


28/02/2013 01:21
More evidence that proves just because a "journalist" writes about cars, it clearly doesn't mean he knows anything about them.

Also £3k for a good one?????? That's well over the odds for one of the worse selling cars of its era.
28/02/2013 12:14
Who writes this drivel ?  Oh yeah, Steve Walker, what a tyt.
28/02/2013 14:03
These are underpowered and overpriced the 2 door was a pain to get into the back seats.
28/02/2013 11:45
Honda HR-V as your pictures show was definitely a girlie jeep, especially the lime greens, nowadays its ugly Nissan Jokes
28/02/2013 10:37
HONDA CR-V not a good car - especially when they hit you at 60mph as some old git did last december. I was given by this lovely Car, 11 Broken bones put me in-intensive care for 12 days. The driver cant be bothered to help me as I lay unconscious. Yup great car for a great driver.
03/03/2013 16:10

What a load of rubbish. This Honda was a dud at launch.

How many have you ever seen? Exactly!!

It sold poorly and was unloved for a reason.


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