23/09/2012 12:29 | By Ian Dickson
Europe's most and least reliable used cars

Least reliable: 10: Renault Megane

10: Renault Megane (© Renault)
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Buy a Renault Megane made between 2002 and 2009 and you could face a bill of up to £2,250 to put it right. The biggest problems are with the electrics and 57% of them go wrong.

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23/09/2012 15:14
24/09/2012 09:57

how come they all suffer from axle and suspension problems? Do you not think this is a bit dubious? What it really means is in britain we have the worst roads in Europe full of potholes.

A more interesting survey would be the best and worse roads then the best and worst councils for footing your repair bills!

It seems, regarding this article, that most problems involve some of the most expensive cars available, and the most reliable cars are relatively inexpensive in comparison. The lesson here is, as with most things, the more  `knobs & whistles ` something has the more likely it will go wrong.
23/09/2012 19:37

give me a 70s classic any time, not to expensive to repair.


24/09/2012 08:14
my six year old range rover sport has only ever been in the garage for servicing, great car, and yes it does go off road and gets covered in muck, as you can see!!
24/09/2012 08:35

Lexus RX300 absolute disaster backed up by an extremely arrogant UK operation. A car with less than 50K miles on it at 5 years old develops a fault with 2 warning lights (bear in mind this is the supposed luxury brand of Toyota) pathetic warranty compared to the other far eastern brands. Turns out that the ABS pump is shot, along with the wiring loom and get this, I need a new windscreen. Apparently, and I have this in writing from Lexus who were too cowardly to post this on their facebook page, that corrosion can occur on a connection point on the windscreen that duly spreads throughout the car. Cost to repair, £6500.

What I have learned from this is that just because a vehicle costs a pile of cash and has a badge does not mean it's reliable or that the company has any decency about it nomatter what they may claim. I will never buy Lexus again and if you value the £ in your pocket buy ANYTHING BUT LEXUS OR TOYOTA.

23/09/2012 21:37

Lol the Bmw mini i notice they say buy one from 2007 on thats because the 2001>on  had a 1970s rover gearbox in them which used to blow up It also has and still has the crystler neon engine in it.


And then there is the power steering pump that gets dirty and wont shut off and eventually catches fire!


Oh nearly forgot about the stage one cooling fan that goes after a years use but many mini owners dont even know about that fault.


Worst car i have ever owned traded it in after two months ownership.



Suprised with the land and range rovers........ always fancied one.....lol


The Mercs............merc havent made a good car in almost a 2 decades   



23/09/2012 15:41
I'm suprised the Mazda RX8 ins't in this list.
25/09/2012 01:35
why cant car designers make cars with reliable electrics?  what is so difficult? Surely they learn something from every previous model ? Or is it that  designers are becoming less and less competant with each generation?
23/09/2012 16:18
24/09/2012 12:42
This article/advert seems to me to suggest that people with 'desirable' cars make sure they get their cars covered with Warranty Direct and people with the more reliable (practical everyday)  cars either can't afford to or don't see any reason to and continue to pay for repairs themselves making the statistics inaccurate! Proportionately for the cost of the 'desirable' (least reliable) cars it makes sense to keep them under warranty and this is just an article about them complaining how much they have to pay to repair the cars of people who can afford the warranty cover.
23/09/2012 18:27
And this is the best news that MSN can produce.... what about something that is going on in the world
23/09/2012 16:23
Reading through these reviews i reckon the Germans need to change they're axle and suspension suppliers as throughout the range it's the suspension and axle that are forever causing bad review's throughout they're range.
24/09/2012 21:59
what exactly is an axle or suspension problem?  I have been driving cars for 30 years and have driven over 500,000 in a number of cars and have only eve had one suspension unit replaced in all that time.  Never had a problem with an axle, loads of other problems though. There seems to be hundreds of issues with cars having axle and suspsension problems according to this survey, am I lucky or is this just poor research/reporting? 
23/09/2012 21:03
what did you expect....it is french
24/09/2012 10:23

This appears to be a very inaccurate article. For instance, they are quoting figures from Warranty Direct and claim the Mercedes CLS has a 58% chance of failing and a £1,614 repair bill - but the Warranty Direct website shows average reliability for the car and an average repair bill of £343.96.


reliabilityindex DOT com/reliability/search/115




23/09/2012 14:45
well they are french!  and if you eat frogs, snails and horse meat, you wont have the tummy to make cars.
24/09/2012 19:58
Suspension is a wear a tear part. Anything to do with cooling, I would see as a little more worrying.

What does this say about the roads if they're mainly suspension issues?

25/09/2012 08:20
im suprised thiers no FIAT in thier, when i worked in a garage we seen loads of em every day, we joked that FIAT stood for FIX IT AGAIN TOMMOROW because when u fixed one problem it would be back a  day later with another one. guess they"ve improved in the last 5 years.  and im not suprised a lot of cars have axle and suspension issues they have to navigate our crappy potholed ridden roads.
25/09/2012 12:02

The first generation BMW Mini (01>07) is a shambles. Power steering pump is a major fault on them. Ours has only covered 53,000 from new, well cared for by main dealer etc...

and the list is as follows...

1. Power steering pump failed after 30,000 (but just after 3 year warranty expired = major expense)

2. Drivers window jammed after 35,000

3. Door hinges are knackered, which meant the window wouldn't close after the door shut

4. Tyre pressure sensors have a mind of their own

5. Engine warning light enjoys coming on once per month

6. The engine cooling fan is made of the thinnest, cheapest plastic they could find and has desintegrated.

Although the second generation is much better, I wouldn't buy another one!! 

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