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Best used car buys for 2013

Best used cars 2013

Best used cars 2013 (© Mazda)
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Used car valuation experts CAP are predicting a decline in the value of second-hand cars this year.

CAP says increasing sales of new vehicles to rental organisations are seeing the market flooded with six- to nine-month old motors as businesses get rid of stock before it gets too old. Together with the big incentives currently offered on new car purchases, this is hurting residual values of used vehicles across the market.

So, with "a gradual erosion of values at most years and for most models" looming large - here are 20 top used car bargains for 2013.

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04/01/2013 13:46
I have owned a Mazda MX5, 2.0ltre 2006 plate for the last 18 months and I must admit that this car is an absolute joy to drive. Out of all cars that I have ever owned since the age of 17 and I am now 46 years old - I would most cerrtainly recommend the MX5 as a must have car for any young person out there
07/01/2013 17:34
That anyone on an anonymous website would tell the truth about driving a Fiat Punto blows me away, I personally drive an amphibious Aston Martin DB5 with an anti tank gun on the roof
05/01/2013 00:01
I'm not surprised your P reg Punto as only 41000 miles on the clock. You must only use it in emergencies, I know I would. Lol
03/01/2013 22:24
car insurance is going up alot this year.
03/01/2013 22:18
Superb car absolutely love it! Bought one 3 years ago (2.0 litre 2007 plate) and love every day that I drive it. Not great in the snow but roof down in the winter is a blast. Small cabin area so heats up very quickly and so quick to put roof down or up. For those on a budget who want a sports car it is ideal :-)
04/01/2013 19:19
BMW,,,,,,,,,,,OR MX5...............SAY NO MORE ,,,,,,,GIVE THE WIFE THE BMW ...TAKE THE DOG TO FRANCE IN THE MX5 ..!!!
10/04/2013 02:38
A five year old car for £4800 how is that a bargain?
05/01/2013 01:46

Most of the cars highlighted look the same.

Designed by computer with the company badge stuck on the grill.

How boring

04/01/2013 19:24

the best cars i have had was mx5,,,,,,2nd hand,,,,,,,,

,,,,,then a new auto bmw,,,,,both tops ..

..give the wife the bmw make her happy ????

then take off to france with the dog in a mx5...........its simple  ???

03/01/2013 19:45
oh finally MSN a car article on your main page great
08/01/2013 01:10
mx5 for me I love its simple rear wheel drive formula bmw m5 though is a dream car mondeo for a everyday car the rest of them i just don't like at all
04/01/2013 17:14

Two cars i have owned have put a smile on my face,and i have owned a few ! A little Smart car,what fun to drive !,fantastic car,kept it for nearly 3 years.Now a Mazda MX-5,great car.

06/01/2013 15:27
bought an 06 plate toyota rav4 in jan 2009+ 3yr extended warranty which turns out i did not need, have had no problems,but i service it every 6 months.
04/01/2013 00:31
i have a bmw 2.0 litre diesel  3 series fuel economy is very good handles well drifts a bit on roundabouts in wet weather ,also very rapid motorway cruiser superb machine ,what can i say its a bmw.
03/01/2013 23:24
Cars are lumps of metal designed to get you from A-B. Why this country is so obsessed is beyond me! I`ve a Fiat Punto 75SX which has only 41000 on the clock (P reg) and it has never let me down!
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