08/08/2013 11:30 | By Steve Walker
Top Gear will be back! Clarkson and Hammond seen filming in France

Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond get new Top Gear filming underway

Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond get new Top Gear filming underway (© Wenn)
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Top Gear fans may already be feeling the withdrawal symptoms after Top Gear series 20 ended last Sunday but there’s always the Top Gear Christmas special and series 21 to look forward to.

It looks like plans for the new shows are well underway too after Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond were seen larking about in the south of France with the massed ranks of the Top Gear film crew in tow.

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08/08/2013 21:39
whatever they are filming for i am chuffed to pieces. jeremy gets slated for his honest opinion on things, and i enjoy the fact that he is still old school and relishes freedom of speech and speaks for a lot of people who are too frightened to say what he does. keep up all the good work because the ones that scream about comments that jeremy makes are the ones really that dont have a life.

09/08/2013 08:22

Can't wait for the new series, great entertaining viewing.


09/08/2013 00:13
Well, I am looking forward to it regardless. There should be enough for the petrolheads at the moment judging by the Jag E type and F type in these images and entertainment for everyone else that likes watching Top Gear. Oh and for those people that don't like Top Gear, just go watch something else and let the people who like Top Gear enjoy it.
09/08/2013 11:52
Excellent! Cant wait! How about a longer series, though? Six weeks is nowhere near long enough.
09/08/2013 09:35

@ Don Westlake....For someone, who by their comments here is not to enthralled by the thought of Top Gear returning to our screens in the future, you seem to put a lot of effort into posting your displeasure.
You protest too much methinks, the fact is you love the show and would like Jezzer’s babies.


10/08/2013 20:43

Top show just wish their was more episodes during the year,

08/08/2013 18:39
The e-type had a straight 6 engine at first then a v12, never a v8. Get the facts right
08/08/2013 21:02

I am sorry that the researcher of this article did not do their research correctly as the original E Type was never fitted with a V 8 engine but the XJ 3.8 litre in line six cylinder later the XJ 4.2 litre  in line six was an option. And finally the V 12 was offered in the series 3 .


08/08/2013 19:34

Will MSN ever run an article about TG with a link to SHOCK HORROR - Jeremy Clarkson MOST infamous quotes ?


I used to think MSN was produced by chimps now I know it for sure.  



08/08/2013 15:09

They were all in France filiming, my parents spoke to James Mayb when they saw him out there. He was driving round in a Citroen 2CV and apparently collecting items for one of those classic challenges.

09/08/2013 07:46
Pic 4. Who the hell writes this stuff - er Steve Walker MSN contents editor? Jaguar E Type powered by a 3.8 litre V8?!! A V8? Massive slap wrists and kick up the a*se - back to school for you!
08/08/2013 15:44

Filming for series 21 starts in September as any half decent investigative Journalist would know.

08/08/2013 14:37
During filming for the last episode that I was lucky enough to get tickets for they were very open to tell us that they were off to Valencia directly after finishing the episode to film for a new DVD. This could be related to this but I guess only time will tell. 
08/11/2013 19:22
Perhaps this year the BBC will do something crazy and actually show us the christmas special over the Christmas holiday.

08/08/2013 14:31
It won't be the new series since TG have already talked a fair amount about both the E and F-Type. It's more likely to be either the Christmas Special or a DVD.
09/08/2013 07:12

Oh No!  Not Again


I now know what it feels like to be a bowl of petunias.

10/08/2013 10:28
09/08/2013 07:37

Cant believe so many people can watch this programe and actualy think its good , clarkson would be even further up his own **** if he could get the little brown nose hammond out of the way ,if your so called enthusiasts what is so good about some tired old man with to much money trashing good cars for so called entertainment ,he is laughing in your face ,

james may could make a decent programe given the chance as he does at least know one end of a spanner from the other ,and have some cred , top gear fans are the usual bar stool know alls who can talk the talk ,give them something to restore or look after NO CHANCE


08/08/2013 23:12
Well i hope the new show 2014 is better then the last one... we all know most of the items they have done have been done years okay, Yes Jeremy is out spoken BUT who cares and he has a beer belly lol ? ......... boring
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