29/07/2013 10:00 | By Steve Walker

Top Gear ‘faked’ scene causes media storm

Top Gear and Jeremy Clarkson are back in the media spotlight over news that scenes were 'faked'. Tell us something we don’t know.

Jeremy Clarkson builds the hovervan (© Rex)

Another week, another Top Gear controversy. This time Jeremy Clarkson and his cronies have been accused of ‘faking’ a scene from the episode aired the Sunday before last, the one where they brought chaos to the River Avon in a homemade hovercraft.

The furore was sparked after actor Michael Bott took to his online blog to reveal that he’d been hired by Top Gear to pose in a group of riverbank diners who have their meal interrupted by a deluge of water from the passing hovercraft.

The BBC also gave the press reports short shrift

The press leapt on the revelation, as they tend to do when Jeremy Clarkson and Top Gear’s names are involved, accusing the show of duping viewers with faked scenes.

Clarkson responded in familiar style on Twitter, parodying the reports with his own mock outrage that a famous scene from the classic Fawlty Towers sit-com was also ‘faked’: “Oh no. I've just heard that the scene when Basil Fawlty beat his car with twigs was FAKED. It hadn't broken down at all.”  

The BBC also gave the press reports short shrift, a spokeswoman informing The Times that "Top Gear is an entertainment programme and I don’t think the viewers would have been taken in."   

Jeremy Clarkson's most infamous quotes

Clarkson's Twitter account responds (© Twitter)

It’s hard to see how any viewers who saw Top Gear’s converted Transit van hovercraft rampaging along the picturesque river Avon in Warwickshire could have taken it to be a serious documentary of actual events.

The white van-come-hovercraft created by the Top Gear team careered downstream, bouncing from bank to bank, shattering the riverside idyll with the incredible din from its engines. At one point it capsizes a rowing boat, sending its occupant for an early bath. Then it proceeds past a riverside restaurant drenching diners who jump up and shake their fists at the floating van as it thunders off.

This is not even the first time that the BBC has been forced to admit what everybody already knew

This is not even the first time that the BBC has been forced to admit what everybody already knew: that Top Gear scenes are staged. There was a similar storm over a 2007 episode where a caravan was shown ‘accidentally’ catching fire.

The end result of that particular Top Gear storm in a tea cup was similar to the one we can expect to see now. The press gets its story, the Top Gear and Jeremy Clarkson publicity machines get their headlines and the general public gets something to talk about over its Monday morning coffee. Then everybody goes home happy.  

30/07/2013 07:08
Of course it was faked anyone with a hint of intelligence could see that. It doesn't take the brains of a rocket scientist to realise a lot of Top Gear's stunts are staged find something new to write about.
30/07/2013 10:15

why the uproar we know its fake. it's just a fun program. i will not stop watching it.

the media want to get a life. and report on real news.

30/07/2013 07:26
It is supposed to be entertainment not to be taken seriously, so why the media storm? Of course there are many actors and others involved otherwise there would be riots.
30/07/2013 12:20
Oh, for God's sake!! We KNOW this and loads of other scenes are faked, staged, etc, etc, etc. This is the ENTERTAINMENT aspect of the show. Who on God's or anyone else's green earth would be so STUPID as to believe it was real? Keep it coming, Top Gear, this kind of stuff is hilarious. The morons of the press can go and f*** themselves, together with others who have absolutely NO concept of humour whatsoever.

Its just like the caravan episode when May reversed into an awning then the same caravan and awning went up in smoke when Hammond threw the cushion out of the window. It was funny but faked.



30/07/2013 07:38

Get a life if you believe happens opn TV is real  ! it's an entertainment programme

emphasis on ENTERTAIN !

31/07/2013 08:30
wow and they didnt pick up that they didnt really make the hovervan themselfs but a army of builders behind the scenes.
Also how come theres always a camera in the right place at the right time ???? because its staged.
does it bother me NO still one of the best and funnest programes out there

31/07/2013 13:23
Yes even my 9 year old son could see it was faked; so what??

Top Gear is an entertainment programme not a bleeding documentary ... long live TOP GEAR!
30/07/2013 21:00

They've been faking it for years,thats the point.The old Top Gear was out of date.The fastest car in any race be it a Veyron against a Cessna or Jaguar against the sun has always been the Range Rover camera car! My only change would be a one year ban on Hammond driving a 911!


31/07/2013 12:51
Of course it is staged. So what? I love Top Gear and I think Jeremy is ace for not giving two hoots about what people think.
They get me laughing every week and I miss Top Gear when it isn't on!
30/07/2013 19:43
how dim are some people to think that top gear doesnt fake stuff. HnS would have a fit if done for real. Grow up halfwits!
31/07/2013 12:36
Good on you Jeremy I laughed all the way through programme.   As jeremy said lots of tv is staged and after all it is entertainment. The media need to get their  own house in order. Top gear is a great programme and long may it continue.
30/07/2013 19:35

"Top Gear 'faked' scene causes media storm"


I always thought it was funny that Top Gear got awards for being a factual show,

but now I see it. That title alone shows how stupid members of the press REALLY are!


31/07/2013 16:34

It's just like a lot of stories in the newspapers. Totally made up to look good.

Only a true dipstick would believe it to be real.

Long live Top Gear.

31/07/2013 18:25

For Gods sake, Top Gears entertainment, they hire actors..................  I suppose there are people out there that think East Enders is real !!!!!!!


Go Top Gear Go ....... Thumbs up from me.

03/08/2013 07:02
Oh no!! Could it really be true that Top gear fake some of their scenes??? My world has just come crashing down learning that this is true....

Come on, grow up, if you don't like watching Jezza, Hamster and May entertaining the nation (because that's what they are paid to do and do very well.) Then sod off and watch something else and leave the grown ups to have a proper laugh at some brilliant and well executed entertainment.
31/07/2013 16:07
What's wrong with some people? It stands to reason that Top Gear scenes (and most TV programs), are built around imaginary 'illusion.' Paid actors/stand-ins, are for the benefit of the programs, where 'realism' in today's society would have 9 out of 10 people scrambling for a solicitor to sue if someone so much as 'sneezed' near them let alone get seriously drenched by a passing handmade Hovercraft while wearing their best suits to dinner! If anyone noticed, the tables had been miraculously put back 'after' they had supposedly been destroyed by the blast from the motors, with diners back at the tables that weren't there anymore!
The complainers should avoid going to see movies - EVERYONE in them is pretending.
06/08/2013 05:52
id love for the media to find someone who is actually bother/upset/offened/feel cheated etc about this so called fakery??

No one cares its entertainment and the people who watch it enjoy it for what it is.

Try some 'proper' reporting,this is just embarrassing.

03/08/2013 19:49
its the reason all the family watch it
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