15/02/2013 13:40 | By Tim Pollard
Top Gear preview: episode four, season 19

Top Gear preview: episode four, season 19

A sneak peek behind the scenes of this week's Top Gear (© BBC)
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In this week’s Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May lay on a special treat to coincide with the Six Nations championship: a game of rugby at the sport’s spiritual home in England, Twickenham.

In it we see a fleet of Kias rampaging all over the hallowed turf, attempting to score a try with a giant rugby ball. It promises to be just as quick – and violent – as the real thing played out at Twickers on match day. Click through our gallery above to see more pictures and details of what’s in our Top Gear preview.

17/02/2013 13:35
my license fee goes to pay for this ?
17/02/2013 20:11
there nothing wrong with top gear & its good programe and i like all 3 presenters. clarkson speaks his mind and there is wrong with that.  if you dont like top gear then dont watch it - or go watch 5 gear instead
17/02/2013 14:05
Yep that's what Twickenham stadium needs, a load of cars tearing up the pitch completely destroying it in the process and making it useless to play on for the next rugby matches. You only have to look at the state of the Millennium Stadium pitch to know what I'm on about. 
17/02/2013 19:37

why oh why do people keep picking on top gear at least its better on more entertaining to watch than wannabe  celebs or reality tv. This programme is great and it really just shows how low our nation as sunk if people think that these celeb/reality tv shows are worth watching more than top gear

These days I dont watch much tv but i do watch top gear or a really good film or a documentery program  in other words  some thing more intresting and stimulating than all these totally mind numbing reality/celeb shows

17/02/2013 16:26
Not one person I have ever spoken to on the subject likes  Clarkson - infact most actively dislike him, Hammond is almost as bad and even May is on the turn. If the BBC must continue with this jaded crap at least soldier on with new presenters/storylines/formats
17/02/2013 17:01
when are they ever going to get back to telling us about cars instead of trying to outdo one another
17/02/2013 14:18
 top gear is a good programme but why do they have stupid ideas to use cars like footallers  ice hockey players and rugby.l
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