13/01/2012 11:10 | By Sean Carson
Top 10 track-day cars

Great cars for track driving

Great cars for track driving (© Radical)
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The winter marks the perfect time to begin track day preparations and the trading of circuit chariots, bringing back warm memories of when it was well, warm, and grippy out on the black top. Here are 10 top track day cars in time for the start of the season.

16/01/2012 11:39

A bunch of the lads with transits would be the best track day racing you could have!


Such fun!


Why wreck up some damn fine cars when Transits will do nicely?


Bring on the Transits!!!

15/01/2012 14:23

Think BMW M3 may be 'sought' after, definitely not 'sort' after...basic year 2 primary school error!

Best track day car is any old banger you don't mind safely junking to gain experience and have a bit of fun...not these wonderful machines.

16/01/2012 22:49
The more money you spend on this stuff the less youll ultimately enjoy it, so i wouldnt agree with a ferrari being a good practical track car. I think a foundation of a track car should be maintenance aswell as performance, it has to be affordable; all the cars in the list are taking into account the fact that if you push your car your going to see less of the black stuff and more of the green stuff, and probably a tyre wall.

I drove a 430 scuderia at thruxton on a driving experience, and although it was a fantastic car, i have had more fun in my 1996 honda civic at castle combe, mainly because i can push the civic to its limits and its still relatively safe with 200bhp, plus in the back of my mind i know one day ill write it off completely, and ill be happy to walk away and start another project.
Give me a Caterham any day, once driven forever smitten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
16/01/2012 16:28

Hmm mk2 RS... You’ll definitely be shocked by the torque steer and understeer.  300bhp in a front wheel drive car is a recipe for disaster.  The reason why they haven’t probably included Ferraris and Lambos is because money isn’t grown on trees. Most of the cars shown are reasonably priced. For example, an ep3 Type R can be picked up for around  2-3k and are great track cars with a few minor bolt on performance parts.

16/01/2012 17:26

Why the low BHP BMW M3 and not the Evolution model at 321bhp as standard that can be picked up for less than £3k.

And for all those that have not owned a kit car do not understand the power to weight ratio compared to a run of the mill factory produced car that anyone can drive.

30/01/2012 23:36

ARIEL ATOM 3 ON TOP OF DA BOARD .. proper awsome

21/01/2012 20:56

r32 gtr for me! or r33 gts-t with the hicas disabled.

both cheap compared to some of the others too!

17/01/2012 11:04
Think torque steer has nothing to do with bhp but, as it says, torque. Try an Alfa 164 3 litre v6 - has torque steer by the bucket load and understeer too with loads of grip but great fun to drive.
Rajan....I drive a Focus R.S Mountune...350bhp.....believe me torque steer aint a problem......put your faith in Grerman engineering...
16/01/2012 00:33
The E36 was arguably the nicest looking 3-series ever designed and the M3 an absolute stormer.  I agree that these fine cars should be respected rather than thrashed to death on a track day.
15/01/2012 13:14
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pagani_Zond​a_R#Zonda_R <<< Pagani Zonda R,, nuff said Open-mouthed
16/01/2012 15:12

Got to agree with you Iain Grant. Who on earth got paid to put together this list.

Have they never heard of the Ferrari 430 Scuderia or Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera?

No no, your right a Clio is a lot better track day car than them!! Obviously.

who the hell picks the cars..? a Renault...a Mazda...a big BMW...a Honda v-tec...good track day cars.....geeez ,go and have a drive in a Ford Focus MK2 .R.S.....and be "SHOCKED"
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