26/06/2013 08:45 | By Steve Walker
The world's greatest cars by country

The world’s greatest cars by country

The world’s greatest cars by country (© Montecarlo Automobile)
  • The world’s greatest cars by country (© Montecarlo Automobile)
  • Ford Falcon GTHO Phase 3 - Australia (© Ford)
  • KTM X-Bow - Austria (© KTM)
  • Gillet Vertigo - Belgium (© Gillet)
  • Lobini H1 - Brazil (© Lobini)
  • De Macross GT1 - Canada (© De Macross)
  • MG6 - China (© Shanghai Automotive)
  • Rimac Concept_One - Croatia (© Rimac Automobili)
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There’s a new supercar on the block and it hails from that hotbed of automotive innovation - Monaco. The £425,000 Rascasse is a 5.4-litre V12 from Montecarlo Automobile.

This slightly strange news got us thinking. If every country on the planet could put forward its one top contender into a World Cup of the planet’s greatest cars, which model would take home the trophy?

It hasn't been easy but we've put our heads together and picked the greatest car from each major car-building nation and quite a few minor ones too. In theory, they've all got an equal chance of impressing. In reality, it's a mix of bona fide classics, exotic rarities and obscure no-hopers. Which one gets your vote?

08/05/2012 22:05
what about koenigsegg from sweden instead of the Volvo 850 T5R? Seriously who writes these articles LOL! You need to be both a journalist and a car enthusiast!!!
01/05/2012 05:43
The DeLorean was built in Northern Ireland therefore a British car
08/05/2012 13:29
um...Hello Northern Ireland should surely have an entry with the Delorean
03/08/2012 18:12
what the vajazzle is this list??? seriously, do you even know what a car is? and you pick these for top place??? get back to writing your usual drivle.
01/05/2012 03:31

Ireland has got to be the DeLorean! Made famous in back to the future, never even heard of the shamrock!


****? the mx-5? from japan? how about the 300zx, not only the z31 but the z32 models, not only does the Jun 300zx hold a land speed record, its also been voted one of the best looking cars on several occasions across its life span, and also brought with it some stunning technology.


who the hell writes this crap.



04/08/2012 11:45
Another MSN article dusted off and used again.
04/08/2012 03:59
"The world's greatest cars" and you stick some of the worst cars to represent the country's in your list. the person that made this rubbish has no clue about his/her cars. 

08/05/2012 20:49
Arrinera has been designed well before Lamborghini Reventon ;)
05/08/2012 07:58
There are some really nice motors here.
08/05/2012 09:26
If the Polish Super Car is notably different internally such as a very different engine power to them but the bodywork? Well let's just say it could spark a similiar controversy from Lamborghini in much the same way the Shuanghuan Noble looked very similiar to the Smart Fortwo :P But seriously was that the best bodywork they could come up with? I mean yes it's nice and I cannot fault that but it doesn't really stand out for obvious reasons. I hope Lamborghini approved the design or they're in for it :P Oh and nice to see the De Lorean mentioned as most probably thought it was built in the U.S; man I miss those days where  Britain actually built and exported things as opposed to importing; Britain was king of the rails and everything back then; the famous Intercity 125 etc  
28/06/2013 00:16
...an MX-5, what about R32 Skylines, GT-R, Honda NSX. Japan has loads of great hatch backs like Civic Type R's, and you pick a MX-5, a car without a roof???. If your going to pick a Mazda make it an RX-7 or 8, with unique wankel engines. 
26/06/2013 16:53
Why not just throw some random pictures of cars together and write a short sentence about them, Maybe misinformed or irrelevant, something like that, you know?
08/05/2012 00:12
More like Lamborghini Reventon... not gallardo.
26/06/2013 16:36
COME ON, COME ON. Not one CLASSIC Mini??????????????????????????????   5.5 M produced- Won the MONTE 4 times (within 6 years of the first  one produced). WHAT IDIOT (peace artist) WROTE THE ARTICLE?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? & where was it made -ENGLAND-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-----------------  not only that what has happened to the BEATLE????
31/01/2013 00:28
This Beirut motor looks like it's been knocked together from leftover kitchen appliance panels in a Bradford by a Pakistani garage. Innit?
27/06/2013 15:16

Anyone picking a Volvo over a Koenigsegg doesn't know what they are doing!


 Never mind being bad enough to pick an mx5 from Japan over legendary motors like the Mitsibishi Evo, Subaru WRX, Honda NSX or Nissan Skyline!!!


As it is a world cup for cars, then Italy, Usa, Japan and UK in the semi-finals, UK beats Usa as the USA can't take corners, Italy knock out Japan to meet UK in the final and E-type jag just wins after extra time, leaving the Italians kicking theirselves for not playing the Ferrari 250 GTO but it was just TOO expensive to take part. Personally, I would have like to have seen the Pagani Zonda in there.

26/06/2013 23:43
Nobody else noticed that Monaco has 2 entries in this list (cos they've released their 2nd car and it's been pasted onto a really old article)?

If I was really bothered I wouldn't be here but it's pretty lazy...
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