11/09/2012 09:57 | By Andy Enright
The weird world of car design

The crazy world of car design

The crazy world of car design (© Citroën)
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Believe it or not, there's no accepted method for designing a car. Some are the result of one person's fevered scribblings in an unventilated paint shop at the dead of night while others are the result of a constant round of deathless customer clinics, steering groups and oversight committees. No prizes for guessing which approach produces the more interesting results.

Some of the most intriguing cars have very specific design briefs. Other cars are maybe not so compelling but have features that were designed to (occasionally) baffling criteria. The best examples often stem from a certain megalomania; they are the product of one man's (and it's always a man) vision of How It Should Be.

False prophets come and go in the car industry but their legacies are loved, loathed or laughed at for years to come. Here are some of the most notable cars and car features designed for strangely specific purposes.

The most annoying car design features ever

13/09/2012 22:59

12 comments and only 2 wre not spam!

Come on MSN, sort it out!


13/09/2012 14:46
Don't forget all the bits that used to fall off while you were driving!  The Elan I had was a nightmare, spent most of the week putting it all back together so  that I could use it at the weekend and service support don't make me laugh!
Though while it was going was a great drive
15/09/2012 20:30
I think the toyota corolla holds the record for most cars sold not the vw beetle which incidentally was a heap of crap.
14/09/2012 07:26
No MSN thats why the Beetle sold more around the world in every country than any other car.......and are still on the roads today so dont rubbish something you know nothing about.....Numpty article yet again!
17/09/2012 14:15


A further economical greener for the eco system car design is needed which I think we'd all appreciate.

13/09/2012 15:07
As for the Phaeton, while a lovely well engineered , quiet car, who would spend all that money for something that looked like a bigger Passat?
The Veyron while a real tour de force is so over the top, the speeds can be achieved by far lighter cars and in some cases cheaper, no wonder they made a loss on every one.
What the article does not say is that in the MB Gull wing you have to remove the steering wheel so that you can get in - it's designed that way!
The 2CV was a success because it could be fixed by any mechanic/blacksmith in the French countryside and it was CHEAP, bloody awful car though.

14/09/2012 07:33
14/09/2012 09:26
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e and it led to as many parts as possible fulfilling dual roles - such as stressed member engines in the Lotus 49 and the fuel tank being part of the Lotus 25 chassis. What's perhaps not so well known is that sign-off was achieved only when the road cars were large enough to seat 5'8" Chapman. Any bigger was deemed wasteful. This change 
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