14/02/2013 13:48 | By Gavin Braithwaite-Smith
The UK's top 10 most depreciating cars

What is depreciation?

What is depreciation? (© Ferrari)
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Depreciation is the hidden cost of buying a new car. Hidden that is until you decide it's time to sell – and find a huge chunk of cash has been wiped from its value.

So, let us take you through the classified ads search engine Adzuna's list of the top ten depreciating cars since 2009 – and remember that heavy depreciation from new means a bargain buy on the used market... Figures are based on 600,000 used car ads across 100 locations; cars listed in reverse order.

15/02/2013 10:34

"The UK's top 10 most depreciating cars" .........


make great used car buys!


I don't know why anyone would buy a brand new car - it's like throwing money down the toilet!

15/02/2013 16:22
My car has depreciated almost all of it's value. Scrap value is all it would fetch now but to me it is worth a fortune. Still drives like a new car, very reliable, leaves most standard modern cars standing and gives almost 40 to the gallon (average over three years 30,000 miles) despite being a 2.0 litre auto. My 15 year old car has given me 14 years of trouble free motoring and still looks good. I guess it was trouble free for the first year of it's life too. Thanks Nissan.
15/02/2013 17:42
What idiot wrote this rubbish? Where can you buy a second hand new shape Jaguar XJ for £19k? And where can you buy a brand new XJ for £43,752? 

15/02/2013 23:31
My Honda Accord, 2ltr exec is 14 years old and still drives like a new car. 140,000 miles and it looks good for its  years. Why pay inflated prices for a car that doesthe same job?
15/02/2013 19:53
had my v/h for 6 yrs so far two new springs /(thats theroads) so that is a lot of b/s
15/02/2013 05:17
wheres the vauxhalls on there,insignias are worth two balloons and a goldfish,another load of bull from msn, i reckon vauxhall have given you a sweetener ,my mate works in sales at vauxhall and told me to keep clear of them.
16/02/2013 13:01
There's a lot of dodgy maths on this analysis.  For example BMW depreciates per MSN's figures by 51% not 61% and Jaguar by 57% not 67%. Gavin needs to go back to school!
15/02/2013 19:40

They forgot the Cadillac BLS, was £26,000 start of 2009, now you can get it second-hand for £3000

16/02/2013 01:01
which is why i drive an 18 yr old astra!

19/02/2013 00:53
how is nearly £17k after 4 years 61.8% depreciation of £34k? and since when would Ford give you 8.5k on a 4 year old mondeo?  what's more, the peugeot 206 would already have lost 63% by 2009 because it was replaced 3 years beforehand by the 207, let alone the subsequent 208 last year. the only thing accurate about this artical is how rubbish a renault megane is (before even talking about value).
20/02/2013 09:48
I run a BMW 728i I bought it at 3 years old in 2002,,£54000 when new I got it for a fraction of the price still drives like new.  Needed a new petrol tank last year £1000+ but still cheaper than buying another car,  a little heavy on petrol but being retired and don't  do great mileage it's not a problem..local BMW agent looks after it and keeps it running like new,,no expense spared full service history,,I'll run it into the ground rather than sell for a few hundred pounds.
Back in the 70s and 80s always bought new,,and I have lost a fortune by doing so..so never again.
19/02/2013 16:35
thats what dream cars are.............only a dream to those who can`t afford them...
20/02/2013 10:01
Talking about XJ and XJR Jaguars I note the 2011 model is selling on MSN motors for £19000  this is an XJR,,all big luxury cars are depreciating rapidly,,and as the price of fuel and repair cost increase only politicians and company directors will be able to afford them,,the majority now are company lease cars.
20/02/2013 12:26
Trouble is Malcolm... If ever some moron crashes into you or damages it in a car park while you are shopping, the cost of repairs could more easily outweigh the cost of paying you what it is worth on the open market and so it becomes a write-off, anything you have just spent on it does too, so there comes a point at which it is cheaper to let it go while still running to an enthusiast than to sell it for scrap as a write off perhaps but maybe it's past that stage by now, but I wouldn't invest a load of money repairing it when it needs it, it could be 'throwing good money after bad'. Enjoy while you can. I bet it has been very reliable especially with all that service history. A friend had a Mazda MX6 Mystere LS 2.5Ltr V6 automatic, fully loaded, leather, same thing at 12 years it had every stamp in the service book and was so reliable looked like new almost inside and out, but a little rust spot appeared and some damp started in the boot and that is the beginning of the end. It was time for a younger car for work, one to rely on rather than worry. It was handed over to family due to parking and so on, sadly the MX6 was destroyed the niece's bad luck! I wouldn't have given up on it so soon. Thirsty though at 25mpg! Boy - was it smooth though, the auto was so different from that on the cheaper models in the range, everything was. It was heavy, solid. The new BMW 3 series 2.5i manual which preceded it by a decade or so was my favourite though. Now that really looked the business as I'm sure yours did.
18/02/2013 17:25

Although Ferraris depreceate heavily, they are an excellent second hand buy.

These supercars usually only do a few thousand miles a year, so a 4 year old one at half price may only have covered 10 - 15000 miles!

However, running costs are astronomical. For example, the cam-belts have to be changed every 3 years at a cost of about  £2000. Affording to buy the car is only part of the equation.


I was saving up for a roughly 10 year old Ferrari (355 0r 360) but the price keeps going up. A decent one will be £35 - 45K

19/02/2013 19:58
Not sure who's doing you maths but I'd sack them if I were you.
16/02/2013 23:09
Unrealistic figures that don't even take in such basics as new car dealer discounts or special finance deals.
15/02/2013 22:28
thats not bad at all get a 2013 bmw 5 series and save £16604 in 4 years lol
19/02/2013 09:10
Funny that... Until now most people would have thought a Ferrari only ever appreciates in value if maintained. My Italian friend is not going to be too happy when he hears about this!!!!
19/02/2013 08:46
British n proud? Nissan is Japanese! Bridge over the River Quai or what! "Madness! Madness!" In fact not so! "First year"!!! You mean it started to go wrong after only one year? - Back in 1998. Then for 14 years it was alright! What model is it though? Mazda of 13 years ago was good too.
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