23/01/2013 15:16 | By Richard Aucock
The safest new cars on sale

The safest new cars you can buy

The safest new cars you can buy (© EuroNCAP)
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EuroNCAP doesn’t just award star ratings these days – it also calculates percentage scores across four crash test categories: Adult, Child and Pedestrian protection, plus Safety Assist.

This means the scores can be tallied to discover which cars really are the safest on our roads. Here’s the rundown of the best performers from all new cars tested in 2012…

EuroNCAP: five stars for new Range Rover and VW Golf
Volvo V40 sets new EuroNCAP safety record
Jeep Compass receives two-star EuroNCAP safety rating
The safest new cars in each category

26/01/2013 00:05

This article is titled 'Which new car will keep you and your family safest.' Forget about the car doing that and concentrate on 'the driver of the car.' If you did this, there would be thousands less accidents if the bad drivers ammended their driving style.


I've not long done a 12 hour journey in snowy conditions on daul carridge and motorway. I am a proffesional driver, I say it was only safe driving at a speed of 30-50mph. I had cars and vans passing me doing 60mph +, some where even tailgating. I past lots of accidents too.


When there is an accident in thick fog, it's always reported that the fog has caused the accident. Well it hasn't, it's the bad drivers going too fast that have caused the accident.


The safest car available is just a car with extra safety features. It will still crumple and passengers will still get injured.




24/01/2013 17:43
Euro NCAP means nothing unless you look at the data fully. With amendments all the time, it's hard to know which tests the car scores well on.

A car scoring a 5, could be a 4 or a 3 on revisions.

It's the same with average consumer information on car tyres. Those who are into cars know these mean nothing. As a budget tyre outperforms a premium tyre in the wet based on basic information.

24/01/2013 12:56

With 750 million vehicles on the roads and one and a half million lives being lost we can improve, both the vehicles and the roads to take twice as much, but it must be with new ideas that tackle these problems, not continuing with the same old systems of the past, that have not achieved good results.


Road accidents are because of poor governments legislation, BAD vehicle design, confusing local traffic authorities layout, a very low standard of roads conditions, insufficient illumination at night, a lack of driver education and practice in the teat.

If we can improve driver's attention and concentration when out on the highways, then better results would be achieved with their behaviour, higher standards are easy, if they are taught correctly.

Clear and simple methods can be achieved for every road user, with many new ideas. Malcolm.

26/01/2013 13:51

As a former driving instructor who had the highest pass rate in the country. Teaching every nationality, most unable to speak english, and also teaching the deaf and dumb.


There are many new methods that are not taught with the driving test, but should be.

Many of these are designed by myself to improve the quality and skill of each driver,

it is time to make better methods that can achieve this aim.


The government have blamed the motor manufacturer for their design faults, whereas the motor manufacturer blamed the government for their legislation, neither of these parties will ever come

to a conclusion with this mental attitude, what is required is doing a complete turn around with

the driving tests, road conditions, vehicle design, techniques, tasks,skills and teaching methods.    

25/01/2013 15:51
 I own a 1996 Volvo would hate to be in a Nissan or vauxhall in a collision with with it , it is built so strong  like a brick s     house with 217000 miles on clock
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