25/07/2012 13:25 | By Richard Aucock
The most reliable car brands

Who builds the most reliable cars on the road?

Who builds the most reliable cars on the road? (© Lexus)
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Good reliability is one of the most important attributes any car can have. The best car in the world can become the worst one ever if it starts to fail and let you down. Some brands are more reliable than others though, as has been revealed by new data from Warranty Direct: read on, to discover the most reliable car makes in the UK.

Here we've grouped the top 10 most reliable car brands in reverse order. Once you've clicked through these reliability heroes, don't forget to check out the zeroes in our accompanying least reliable car brands gallery...

26/07/2012 11:46


          I was told by all the so called experts ( inc Clarkson renta mouth ) that the MG zr was crap and was always breaking down, and the build was terrible - well I have owned an MG zr + 1.4  ( 105 bhp ) since 2005  when the firm closed down through the "6 bastards" who sold out to the Chinese, and left 5000 poor buggers without a job. I bought my MG off one of the workers who was desperate for cash. I have had the car for 7 years, it has "NEVER" let me down, and has performed brilliantly, all that time. I have owned about 20 cars in my lifetime, and this one is as good as any of them - in fact the best !        

                                    Some of these "Experts" sometimes talk for the sake of talking


26/07/2012 11:04
I've owned a 2 Honda Jazzes in 4 years and the only reason it's two is because I wanted to upgrade to more gadgets! Never gone wrong, never broken down unlike my Peugeot 206! So I agree with the 10% chance of breaking down, so it makes me wonder even more now why RAC have used a Honda Jazz as the broken down car in their latest advert! Maybe they should check these figures!
26/07/2012 21:07

I'm a private hire cab driver and I have had a 2003 Toyota Avensis for five years. Never had any trouble and its built like a tank. It's amazingly economical too. Generally Japanese cars are the most reliable. The Japs are streets ahead even of VW and other German brands which, although good cars, are ridiculously overpriced and more likely to let you down.


You have to ask yourself why most taxi drivers choose Toyota Avensis?

26/07/2012 10:11

The new world we live in: all cars apart from one american model are all Asian.


time to wake up to what the global powers will be in the next 10 years

27/07/2012 10:43

I've had 21 cars over the years, brand new Rangerovers and Freelanders breaking down (meaning a mechanical problem) etc, Subaru's Toyotas, Mitsubishi's Hyundai's have taken me all over the world clocking up 500.000 plus miles and have never let me down.

The tables are very accurate but Honda prove that british built cars can be very reliable it depends on the workforce and suppiers, why do you think that both BMW and Ford walked away from Landrover? and yet it takes an Indian Co to break down the workshy and bad supplier chain culture there!

26/07/2012 14:19
I have had my Hyundai Getz for 7 years, it has never broken down and never failed to start first time no matter what the weather. Still smooth and no rattles anywhere.
26/07/2012 13:31
my old c200 merc not blinked in 6yrs.
26/07/2012 17:13
I quote "Minis are the best", what about the problem they had with them catching fire, how about that for breakdown.
26/07/2012 10:36

It is almost all to Asina made cars, the Chevrolet here is made by GM but its design comes out of the an Asian brand that they bought a couple of years ago. I believe it was Hundai but I may be wrong.

I have now owned 5 Mercs over nearly 12 years and have never had a problem with reliabiliy, one had some rust at 125,000 but it never broke down.....I don't trust all these statistics. A couple of months ago the worst cars were French made and in this latest survey there are no French brands...what's up?

Just don't trust statistics I'd say.

06/08/2012 12:49
I have a nissan qashqai very reliable but soooooo boring to drive
26/07/2012 07:49
How do you define 'breaking down'? Totally stranding you? If so, find these figures total nonsense!
27/07/2012 21:50
Well if you want a cool looking yet over priced, over rated vehicle with questionable reliability go German. If you want a more reliable yet cheaper option that will cause you less stress then go Japanese. I know what I'd choose. Simple really!
04/08/2012 02:34
02/08/2012 15:54

I used to have a BMW, nice but not great on the reliability front.

Am now on my second Subaru Legacy. They are just fantastic, never go wrong.

13/11/2012 03:30
I don't know if the Jazz has taken over from the Accord as the most reliable model, but the number of civics (formerly at No. 2) must certainly factor into the total cost of breakdowns due to the availability of parts.
I say formerly, because car reliability properly is tested over a 10 year period so a proper evaluation is just now taking place...
Either way, excellent vehicles. Only call out was to a burnt out clutch on a Type R. My fault, kind of addictive to dump the clutch. Considering a comp. clutch or racing clutch for sustained reliability.
26/07/2012 21:54
Just what is meant by the term "Breaking down"? Is it "Stranded by the side of the road"? I've had many cars in my time and none of them have left me stranded. If the author means 'A Cop stops you for a broken bulb and then finds defective tyres', then the figures are more meaningful. Mind you, broken bulbs and defective tyres aren't breakdown issues. They're poor maintanence issues.
27/07/2012 11:31
I am surprised that BMW does not appear. I had a Series 3 Coupe automatic diesel  for three years travelling over 58000 miles in that period. I fitted one set of tyres and had one service other than that it was faultless. A truly great car to drive and to own.
So what about Audis? They look the Dog's ****. Mind you at £58K they should be.
26/07/2012 14:50
This survey is a load aucock like the author !
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