13/11/2012 08:46 | By Gavin Braithwaite-Smith
The most outrageous car interiors ever

The craziest car cabin designs ever.

The craziest car cabin designs ever. (© Vauxhall)
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Vauxhall’s new Adam city car is available with 'starlight headlining', an LED-lit ceiling that mimics a star-strewn night sky. How romantic! 

There’s no doubt that this is an outlandish feature to find in a £12k urban runabout and it got us thinking, what are the most outrageous car interiors ever conceived? Find the answers in the gallery beyond…

The crazy world of car design
The most annoying car design features ever

14/11/2012 09:15
If you can't afford to support your children then you shouldn't have them.  In fact you should be ashamed of scrounging on the welfare system that wasn't set up to support over-breeding.  It's the scroungers of society you should have a pop at not those people that work hard to earn a living and make life better for themselves.  Why should they pay for everybody else?  Take responsibility for your own lives.
14/11/2012 18:51
 If you receive benefit you surely cannot afford cigarettes, alcohol, internet access, a car and smartphone, an iPod and all the other so-called necessities but I'll bet you have them!  Do you dress your children from Matalan, Peacocks or some other downmarket clothes shops as you cannot possibly afford Next, M&S or Principles?  My next door neighbour and his wife manage to drink, smoke, have Facebook accounts, two, yes, two cars, multiple take-aways every week, iPod 5 'phones (which they openly boast about) and they returned from a family holiday in Tenerife in September.  Neither have worked in the last five years and they have four kids.  Taking the pi*s or what?  Scrounging toe-rags!
13/11/2012 17:10

Exercise bike in the back of a car? Why not just cycle to work in the first place?

14/11/2012 12:06
If you work hard why not have the best of everything

13/11/2012 23:28
I think that you are all just jealous because you cannot afford to buy one.
14/11/2012 08:39
It's jealousy and resentment.  It's the 'have-nots' whingeing and whining again.  A very childish attitude.  Stamp your little feet and shout 'it's not fair', Mummy might buy you a bag of sweeties!
13/11/2012 18:38
the ones who live with this tack can sleep at night knowing there are kids out there starving. It's not envy, i would love to give them a severe kick up the arse.
16/11/2012 14:46
All these interiors are very nice and some look really cool, but why would you pay so much to have the interior looking like a tarts handbag knowing its going to cost you more than the actual car itself. (Sorry for the tarts handbag expression lol) 
13/11/2012 22:06

Personally lillie I don't think that the people who live with this tack arn't realy botherd and if they are they might give a few hundred pounds to Oxfam and think that they did well.



On the Main Subject.


I have been considering getting a car that looks as nice inside as outside and other than my current Lex LS400 I cannot find a vehicle that is not dull-drab grey inside.

After you have walked up to your go-mobile and admired its external beauty you slip into a world of conventional boringness. Check the Mitsubishi GTO.

If you are lucky you MIGHT get a flower (!) holder or a clock that looks "interesting" but REAL style ?. Unlikely.

Here is to those who imagine a bit more.



14/11/2012 10:42
I put a starlight ceiling into a curved ceiling of a bathroom once for customer of mine, far better than the headlining of a b----- car.
15/11/2012 19:03
that car is amazing i have never seen anything like that
lol    omg            !!!!!!       xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

18/11/2012 11:13

The porsche in picture 4 is clear indication that some people really should not be allowed to have pens and crayons to play with!

16/11/2012 23:17
why wasting my time watching things i can not afford
19/11/2012 12:09
some amazing photos off some really nice cars
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