They all have the  element's which are sadly lacking today, pedigree,soul, originalityand style..........beautiful !!
22/08/2012 13:23
In 1977 i found 2 original Shelby coupe bodys (no running gear) on sale for £1000,which at the time was a large amount of money,i approached my then bank manager at Lloyds and told him of my incredible stroke of luck and asked for a loan,he asked me why he should give me the money,i told him of the rarity and history of these amazing cars and how they would gain in value,he refused point blank and sat behind his desk smirking at me,i withdrew all my money and closed my account a few minutes later,he didnt laugh then and later had the audacity to mail me asking me to reconcider!...alas a few days later the bodys disappeared from the market.
21/08/2012 17:30
In some ways a Classic car is like many other related from that era such as classic bikes & even classic steam locomotives.
Unlike the related items of today everyone had it's own unique individuality  & beauty. In someways like a priceless work of art & we all know what a Vincent Van Gogh brings don't we - $146.5 million highest price ever paid.
That's nothing more than just paint on a canvas - know which one I'd have anytime!!!!!!!!
21/08/2012 14:38
Perhaps you could have got the picture right for the most expensive car- that's an Atalante, not an Atlantic.
21/08/2012 22:09
23/08/2012 01:54
21/08/2012 16:18
Chris Evans sure raked in a lot of money to blow so much on cars didn't he?!!
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