19/12/2012 15:22 | By CJ Hubbard
The most disappointing cars of 2012

Morgan Roadster 3.7

Morgan Roadster 3.7 (© Microsoft)
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Morgan Roadster 3.7

We’ll hand this one over to Steve, who says that despite a new 3.7-litre Ford V6 for 2012 and 0-60mph in 5.5 seconds, the staunchly retro Morgan Roadster can’t overcome its crashy suspension, strangely weighted steering and poor ergonomics. Unforgivable when it costs £45k.

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20/12/2012 13:09

What a completely useless article.

Of course the Morgan is crashy with odd steering, it always has been!

The Lexus LS looks more like the GS, which would make sense given the comment re the F sport spec

The rest are bog standard family run arounds, and so why would anyone expect to get a fantastic drive from any of them?  The writers are pr*ts

20/12/2012 14:27
CJ Hubbard once again showing he knows f**k all about cars or the motor industry.

21/12/2012 12:53
the title for  this page should be replaced from ( The most disappointing cars of 2012 ) to 
(The most disappointing article of 2012 ) 
29/12/2012 10:51
Morgan is a British classic originating from the 1950's. You can't trash it because it does not have sat nav, a big exhaust and go faster stripes. If you want that crap buy a souped up Ford Focus and a hoodie!
21/12/2012 10:26
That mini is a step too far from what a mini was supposed to look like .
21/12/2012 10:48
With the exception of the Morgan which is aimed squarely at the middle aged middle class market, all the other s have to be all things to all people. Without this dumbing down of character within design plus strict adherence to safety regulations, volume sales are impossible. As most cars these days are basically designed by government safety experts in their ongoing quest for a risk free existence, should we expect anything more than a blob of grey porridge on wheels in our drives?  
21/12/2012 16:23

This article is rather opinionated and the writer needs to understand that no two new car buyers are alike and each will have their own criteria for buying one make/model car over another. I personally would love to own the Morgan but as a day-to-day commute/ family run-around it is quite useless. Likewise, the new Toyota Auris may not be of interest to someone who likes to wear corduroy trousers and who has their own pewter jug behind the bar at their local pub - but will be an ideal car for a multiple of other road users, who want a well put together car to drop the kids off at school and then drive to the shops (providing they don't feel the need to go off-road in order to get there!). And i'm sure that someone who sells their £1.2m house to buy a Bugatti Veyron may be very 'disappointed' that there is nowhere to put the Wedgwood and that their comfy duck & down pillows now rest on a V12 engine block - but it's still a great car. What I'm trying to say here is that when it comes to buying a new car it's a matter of 'horses for courses' and no one car in that respect, can be described as 'disappointing'. It's purely a matter of individual requirement and taste.


20/12/2012 19:33

Most of the cars in this article are aimed at the female market, and if they want men to buy them they must have a touch of the fannie magnet about them. I would rather that the journalist had said why these cars were not up to expectations rather than simply saying that they were disappointing. As the driver of an elderly estate I demand practicality over sex appeal. If some woman wanted me because I had a flash car I would have nothing but contempt for her. Let's get cars back on the roads that haven't been designed by sixth form to55 pots on a CAD course.

29/12/2012 14:56
The Morgan is what it is, a drivers car, and your writer should have noted this, plus the fact it still sells and is well sort after. Your writer has obviously become immersed in insipid modernity
21/12/2012 11:38

Re Lexus LS

I doubt the reporters/writer of this blog have every stepped into a Lexus and nor ever driven one!!


Lexus LS and GS outdrive any German car hands down and best of all everything works even after 100,000 mile+ and 10 years of real life driving.


The cars are beautifully refined and comfortable and well built.


Quentin wilson was given one to test drive that had over 100,000 miles and a few years old and wa so impressed that he actually bought one.


Check all the which car reviews and you'll find years of top reliability and owner satisfaction!!

Check all the Warranty reviews and you find that they spend alot less time in the garage than most luxury cars!!


You must find life dissapointing if you're not happy with the new Lexus range.


Sadly current road tax and fuel costs have put a stop to me buying one again.


In 1996 We had a J reg 1992 LS400 and ran it until 2003 and the only thing that we have replaced was pads,disks and tyres. The rest was just routine service costs.


Drive one for a week and then review it !!!







29/12/2012 21:39
MSN UK is operated by people in their late twenties who know nothing about life and even less about cars. 
Gosh I think CJ Hubbard must be disabled (no offence)
27/12/2012 18:23
Why don't you so called "Car Critics" grow up, leave mummy and daddy at home and go and do something useful with your sad little lives. No matter what you say about any make or type of car, people will almost always chose one that has made them feel comfortable with. Since 1983 when I managed to buy my first new car I have apart from 1 year (sad mistake) bought the same make. I like their stile, reliability and service. Over that period the only extra cost has been £2.49 for one rear light bulb. It would take more than the inane "Clarkson Clan" to drive people away from what is a member of the family. Just think I get 12 free weeks motoring from my road tax rating. Critics join the army and drive a big vehicle in Afghanistan.
Who writes this crap I think it's about time MSN got themselves a new motor pundit and to show I'm not being biast
29/12/2012 18:42
there is not one except the morgam  with caracter the rest are tin boxes run by a computer and driveng has become a bore ,they either hurt your back on long drives or have dam blind spots if the old moris minor had put a six speed box in it would wipe the board with the new cars cheaper to make simple to main tain 
29/12/2012 21:24
Notice that the MSN Audi fanatics have not mentioned the A5 which I got rid of after nearly two years.  Had a very annoying design fault - the front windows lower when you open the doors as the windows are frameless.  Looks very pretty in Summer with no window frame getting in the way, unfortunately in Winter when it freezes you may (if lucky) be able to open the doors to get in, but you will not be able to close the door as the window is now in the way as it cannot lower as the whole thing freezes up.  So you have a choice of either forcing the door closed (hope that the window does not shatter) or back indoors to get some hot water to defrost the window and again hope that the thing does not crack.  Great design!
30/12/2012 22:41
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