25/07/2012 14:12 | By Richard Aucock
The least reliable car brands

Who makes the least reliable cars on the road?

Who makes the least reliable cars on the road? (© MG)
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Unreliable vehicles are an inconvenience many of us long to steer clear of. The latest Warranty Direct data doesn't just look at the most reliable cars though: it also reveals the ones most likely to break down or go wrong in a 12-month period. However, while Japanese makes once again dominate the top 10 most reliable manufacturers, the research, based on 50,000 Warranty Direct policies on cars between three and 10 years old, shows that many more expensive brands will actually let you down more often.

Motor industry body, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), commented, "The way a car is looked after plays a vital role in its ongoing reliability, so regular maintenance - in line with the manufacturer's servicing schedule - is the best way to ensure trouble-free motoring."

Read on for the bottom 10 in reverse order and when you've finished, don't forget to find out which car brands show these unfortunates how it's done with our accompanying gallery of the most reliable car brands...

26/07/2012 21:32
Does anyone out there in cyberspace know how to get rid (permanently) of these goddam dating ads? They're getting so numerous now i'm almost ready to swap browsers to Firefox.
26/07/2012 07:42
Idiotic piece of research on maily defunct cars. Pointless and very misleading feature again.
26/07/2012 22:01

worst car i had for    TRADE IN PRICE   was a kia



and yes i wish we could get rid of those spam dating etc adds on here

26/07/2012 17:47
Rover: Massive Financial Troubles
Jaguar: Puts Design (Basically Art) over Engineering
Mercedes: Mid 90s to Mid 2000s Skimped on components(Underlying Car Still Solid)
MG: Massive Financial Troubles
Saab: GM components, Pre GM saabs are nearly bulletproof
Chrysler: Cost Cutting on Components
Renault: Puts Design (Basically Art) over Engineering
Jeep: Owned by Chrysler
Alfa Romeo: Puts Design (Basically Art) over Engineering, (New Cars are reliable)
Land Rover: Puts Design (Basically Art) over Engineering, Reliability Problems mainly from the range rover line, defenders are bulletproof.
My Nissan Sunny 1.3 is 17years old and has never broken down,neither have my JAPANESE bike's they just keep on rollin!!

I have a Vauxhall Vectra CD 2Ltri. It has never broken down and has never needed any major parts repaired or replace. It has only ever cost me tyres, brakes, exhaust and servicing.

I bought it new in august 1998 and it has covered almost 180,000 miles.

The engine is geting a bit worn out now and tends to burn some oil, but it will still leave some boy racers for dead.

It is just about time for the big scrapyard in the sky. But it has still served me well.



26/07/2012 11:42
I have a 2005 Mercedes 350 CLK Convertible. I bought the car 2 years ago, it's still a beautiful looking car but I am very disappointed with the build quality and reliability. Before I drove it off the dealer forecourt, the passenger seat memory feature died and since then, the car has had a series of niggling faults. The drivers door developed a rattle which cost £250 to solve - MB shouldn't rattle! The EMS warning light came on and the engine felt like a tractor -  I stopped the car, restarted it and it has never come on since (6 months ago). The passenger safety warning light came on several times but then the problem went away. The command module keeps telling me to insert the maps DVD when it's already inserted. You get my drift. I've written to MB, they have simply ignored my communication - such arrogance! It's back to BMW or AUDI next time.
27/07/2012 10:44
Just get a bicycle (sideburns optional)
26/07/2012 15:29
I bought a 2002 e class in fantastic condition with low mileage (72K) 2.7 diesel. The car has been very reliable apart from 1 massive problem - the transmission on these older 211 models gets contaminated with water from the coolant and it set me back £2400 to refurb the whole transmission and replace the radiator. Merc know about this fault which was a design issue with the Wahl radiators but cleverly they didnt do a model recall, instead they just replaced the radiators on some of them when they went in for routine service. MB really should put their hands up and cover the cost for this issue which is all their own doing, nothing to do with how the car is maintained or run. Other than that, I have to say the e class drives superbly well, I get 47mpg from this big diesel engine on a run, and they just dont look old or tired if looked after. I'd have another one every day of the week.
I had Range Rover Vogue for three years 40k miles never a peep, never ever let me down.
26/07/2012 09:34
AND , where are the UNRELIABLE CARS ' to many list i suppose , why don't you do a survey on how many bloody idiot reporters there is
26/07/2012 14:41

Love to know what the nature of the faults were.


Useful to know and plan for inherant failures.

26/07/2012 13:36
I own a 2007 Mercedes S320 CDI and its a great car to drive but i agree with the survey. Ive owned it less than 2 years and its broken down 4 times !!!
I have owned Mercedes cars for over thirty years (I am now on my sixth car) and I've never had any real problems other than routine maintenance and fair wear and tear. I admit that my 12 year old S-Class is displaying signs of rust in the rear wings and this is a disappointment.  Mechanically and electronically the vehicle is still perfect.
27/07/2012 17:46
I have a 1998 Fiat Punto, I treat it like a skip and thrash it everywhere, it carried over 100 house bricks this morning just like it moves sacks of rubble. I got it 8 years ago as a write off with a view to selling once repaired, the last owner had managed to set fire to it under the bonnet, nobody would pay a fair price for it and I kept it. The Punto now has 147,000 miles on it and no rust holes anywhere due to the galvanized metal under the paint, I have grown to really love the car and hope to take the miles much higher before it dies, it's 14 years old and a workhorse.
I do also have a Ford Cortina MK3 that I'm restoring...and I'm also helping to restore `Swampy` it's on youtube under...thesixtyninemachine....
Many Regards to all....


I've worked at the 'banger' end of the market for years, and found Renault to be the most infuriating!

Just for fun - peugeot 306 heaters - made a reasonable car expensive to fix.

My most trouble free car? Citroen Xantia. Just that the suspension is a consumable item, replace every four years. Expect nothing to work, you aren't disappointed.

27/07/2012 15:53

Back in the 60's had an old Hillman whose chassis rusted through and was then held together with fibre glass, but mechanically never failed.

My best buy was an E reg Saab, bought at 40k I then added a further 200k to the clock and never had the top off. It went like a bird until the day I parted with it for for a fuel hungry Discovery. That Saab was the most comfortable car I have ever driven, ask my wife who hated long journeys, but in the Saab she would emerge at our destination feeling - so relaxed!

26/07/2012 22:22
had my ford focus 2.0 from new in 2003 and only prob ive had with it was when water pump went kaput about 3 years ago - more than happy with it apart from running costs but wont drive anything else now
27/07/2012 10:24
My 10 year old Landy Disco has only 66k miles on the clock. that's because it has been broken down more than it's been on the road. It has full LR service history at well over 100 pounds an hour. Currently it's been off the road for just over a year. Another electrical component failure of some sort preventing the engine from starting. It's in the garden as a storage shed for bits and pieces. I bought another car and just gave up on the Landy. It's fun when it goes, good view of the road.
27/07/2012 19:11
Mostly bmws i have owned never let me down but the bmw mini ..........holy smoke thats one bad car gearbox failures,power steering issues and cooling issues has a chryslar neon engine in it. really good body wise apart from leaks but the engineers throw these together with what was lying around they even had rover 25 gearboxes and now a ford one...............horrible cars traded my missus in and bought the new meriva.......best car i ever owned a mk2 ford fiesta did 200k in it gave it to my father in law who did another 100k in it then he gave me it back lol never missed a beat!
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