10/04/2013 08:15 | By CJ Hubbard
The fastest cars in the world: in pictures

The fastest cars in the world: in pictures

Pagani Zonda Cinque (© Pagani)
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The fastest cars in the world: in pictures

With the news that the Guinness World Records organisation has stripped the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport of its official top speed record, we thought it was time for a reminder of some of the world’s other fastest cars.

So, avoiding aftermarket tuner specials, and sticking to cars we know people can and have, in fact, actually been able to buy, here are 21 of the quickest machines on the planet. So fast only massive amounts of money can keep up…

11/04/2013 14:12
Why don't you go and live on the back side of the moon with your friends, you boring little man. Where on Earth do you think improvement in modern Technology comes from. If people didn't push the barriers, we would still be pulling sleds and running everywhere.  Next time you go on holiday, don't use any modern transport. Electric cars are brilliant but not practical at the moment. Improvement in long life battery Technology is needed.  Ah, but you don't like pushing the boundaries..........oh well, diesel and petrol it is then.
11/04/2013 15:44

i just do not bloody believe it !! i only took delivery of my Veyron 2 days ago to be the fastest man on the planet in more ways than one !!


Usain Bolt

11/04/2013 20:04
Anyone watch James may In the Veron? Parts one and two. I was surprised the car didnt take off .****. There will be no limits to reach the FOURTH DIMENSION.Mankind has set his path . LIGHT SPEED ONLY ON STAR TREK BUT WE ARE WORKING ON IT.
11/04/2013 19:37

What a typical crappy article from MSN cars. Nothing new. The Agera R is claimed, and I already knew the Venom did 265mph in 2 miles, but it's still less than the Veryron SS. It really needs a proper run, and the Agera.




10/04/2013 11:09

What a waste of time money and talent making fancy looking projectiles that anyone using them to their potential would loose their driving licence and face a dangerous driving charge.

Reinventing Tesla's free energy electric motor that didn't even need batteries, and was first produced in the 30's and stopped by the all powerful oil magnates,would be far more use to mankind. 

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