18/10/2012 16:26 | By Sean Carson
The cheapest cars on sale in the UK

Dacia Sandero - £5,995

Dacia Sandero - £5,995 (© Dacia)
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Dacia Sandero - £5,995
This is the Dacia Sandero and it's the UK's most affordable car, according to the Renault-owned budget brand. The new supermini takes the Suzuki Alto's place as the cheapest car on sale in the UK today (the Japanese city car's price has now gone back up to £7,195 from its VAT-free offer of £5,995).

But for your meagre outlay you actually get a surprising amount of kit - even the most basic cars feature stability control and four airbags, while spending just £600 more will get you premium touches such as Bluetooth and USB connections, as well as steering wheel mounted audio controls. You can even get sat-nav...

Off the back of the superbly wallet-friendly Dacia, we've come up with a 20-strong list of the least costly new cars on sale in the UK today. It's based on manufacturer list prices - so look out for even better deals.

£5,995 Dacia Sandero UK's "most affordable" new car
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08/07/2012 14:59
06/07/2012 17:14

Surely the cheapest car is a second hand car. My N reg peugeot 106 diesel 150K miles and still doing 60+mpg with 12 months mot but actually worth nothing so why even buy a new car?

Since people are liking this I class my 2nd hand car with a virtually zero carbon foot print as the carbon used to produce the car as far as I am concerned is loaded on to whoever bought it new. Low carbon cars are 2nd hand cars they exists already, new cars need alot of carbon to get them on the road.

06/07/2012 19:30

The car featured above is the Renault ze Twizy. It is roughly around the £7000 mark. It is only available in this country (UK) as far as I know, as an all electric vehicle. It will only carry two people (in tandem) which is fine, but only two. It will do 50mph max but this is not the issue, that's fine, the issue is that old chestnut - range. Though 100km is respectable especially for city use, that range will limit it to just that and not much more.


The worst thing about it though is the leasing of the battery/s. This comes in at around £45 to £67 every month. Now add the electricity to charge it, which takes 3.5 hours (to be fair this is to bring it from min to max I should imagine) then you are talking even more money. The dilemma that anyone faces when buying one of these vehicles to save on fuel is this: you have paid nearly £7000.00 and then perhaps £80 more for the battery package and running costs on top (though they won't be much) then it begins not to make sense just yet.


To put it another way, your old car is paid for, it's quite presentable, the insurance is ok and you can carry five people and quite a bit of luggage. It only does 30mpg (combined) maybe, but guess what?

I still have my £7000.00 and no £45 - £67 battery and I can travel as far as I want. Now work out how long it would take you to make up the difference between using petrol and one of these especially if you don't do big mileage.


Electric/hybrid cars do have a future but until there is a much bigger incentive, then it just 'aint going to happen. Don't get me wrong, I'd like one of these but unless someone gave it to me, it's dead in the water. It IS safer than using a scooter though but a scooter will cost pence.


Oh, and please don't mention the environment.

you could always get a nice second hand car for a few £100
06/07/2012 21:21
Bit like a mobility scooter with a lid!!! Only a lot more expensive. No thanks!
06/07/2012 20:21
an expensive go kart, or a grown up sinclair c 5
06/07/2012 19:11
Hi...cars now huge on the outside and small inside,TARDIS in reverse. Also its TAIL LIGHT WARS who's got the fanciest lights at the rear.....ive seen ridiculous lights which nearly take up the full back end. Keep them simple and keep cost down. End of gripe.
13/07/2012 16:20

bought a VW Polo a few year back for fifty quid,off a farmer.Tax and MOT for three month,sold it when Tax ran out for three bottles of Newcastle Brown.


06/07/2012 20:26
Motorised Zorbs are the cheapest way foward, and protect you in head on collisions.
06/07/2012 19:58
 ladies and gentlemen here we have the ugliest golf buggy in the world luckily I wouldn't be seen dead in it as its not big enough to take my coffin or indeed my ashes in an urn. 
07/07/2012 14:21
It would help if they showed a picture of the right car, that one has got a Renault badge on the front of it!!!
06/07/2012 18:18

how safe is this car truely personaly wopuld not like to get hit in an head on collision


10/07/2012 07:22

thats not a car,,, its a golf cart, in a crash you would not stand a chance, got more chance on a push bike,

21/10/2012 18:11
I've got a new 1250cc Fiesta.  They're underpowered and uneconomical achieving only 40mpg on a run.  Not the 50mpg on an Urban Cycle as the manufacturers claim.
peroduas are good I've got a kelisa and in the last 7 years its needed minimal work for mot good cars only probs parts can be hard to get
21/10/2012 08:50
Just a load of bakeofoil filled with electronic rubbish and doomed to go wrong at great expense.
They also don't tell you about the expensive service contract you have to sign up to when purchasing this rubbish. And on top of that there is the cost of the spare parts.

I would rather have my landrover any day.

29/01/2013 00:17
why buy new i have a 1995 range rover extremely comfortable running on gas gives 28mpg equivalent has only 65000 on the clock low emissions on gas worth nought on the car market but worth 000000s to me
15/07/2012 11:36
the Citroen c1 looks cheap and nasty 
21/07/2012 20:28
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