11/05/2012 12:43 | By Richard Aucock
The cars most likely to pass and fail their MOT

Cars most likely to pass their MOT

Cars most likely to pass their MOT (© Porsche)
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Passing the annual MOT test is a legal requirement for all cars aged three years or older.

It is thus an annual worry for most car owners, particularly given the inconvenience and expense of an MOT failure.

A car cannot legally be driven if it has failed the MOT until the faults are rectified and the car has subsequently passed the test. This is great news for road safety but not so good news if your car does fail.

To minimise the chance of this happening, owners should buy a reliable car. In addition, they should assess MOT pass rates and make a judgment based on the real-world results.

Thanks to new analysis by motoring expert Honest John, the cars most and least likely to pass their MOT test can now be revealed.

Many of the models included may surprise you. Read on on to discover the full rundown of the cars most likely to pass, followed by a rogues' gallery of the cars most likely to fail.

11/05/2012 15:51

So old cheap cars are more likely to fail MOTs than new expensive ones?


Great article

11/05/2012 16:21
Absolute ****! The guy who wrote this is probably on a fortune whilst the rest of our country slave away 45 hour weeks. Reading that was 5 minutes of my life I will never get back. Thanks! No wonder our country is on its arse!!
12/05/2012 10:53
another RUBBISH MSN story.  This basically says that older, cheaper, more common cars have alower pass rate of MOT when compared to newer more expensive cars, gosh, I wish I could have figured that out for myself  MSN FAIL!
11/05/2012 18:16
A totally pointless article. 3 year old cars going for the first MOT's should all pass if they are maintained correctly and as no information is given as to what the listed cars commonly fail on, i.e suspension bushes, brakes, corrosion, bulbs, etc, it is of no help to anyone. It all comes down to regular maintenance and servicing. Fortunately, corrosion is a thing of the past unless you live by the sea or have incorrectly repaired accident damage ( or an Italian car ! ) so failures are more likely to be mechanical, i.e brakes, suspension, tyres and bulbs all of which ( except maybe the bulbs which can blow at any time ) come under regular maintenance. It is also important to check for regular problems on your car. For example, the Mk1 Ford KA has a habit of needing its lower suspension arms bushes replaced around 35k - 40k miles, etc. Emissions are another issue so you really do need to have your car maintained correctly.

What is kind of interesting though is the number of top end cars that dont pass 100%. The Bentley is a surprise at 90%. I know 1 in 10 doesn't sound a lot, but consider the cost of them and that the vast majority of them are leased and have maintenance included, it doesnt look good when your £130K Bentley fails the MOT... Maybe the bulbs blow a lot.

P.S. Babies Three, I think you might be wrong there as it says on more than one of them the date of the cars and it even says " despite the sample cars dating back seven years to 2005 ", in the case of the Aston Martin DB9 .......
11/05/2012 19:32
the average 3 year old bentley or porsche will have done far less miles than a ford.
My £300, 14 year old Peugeot diesel has passed it's last 6 MOTs 1st time. Does this make it a better buy than all these flash motors in this survey?
It's hardly surprising that so many cars fail MOTs on suspension problems - speed humps, potholes, 'ramps' at road works, mini roundabouts.........Not to mention some rather shady work-seeking practices at some MOT stations.......'Sorry, your car's failed because of... a leaking shocker... wear in the steering rack... worn brake discs... etc. Of course, you rarely check it, do you, and so, to get your car back, you pay to have the work done. After all, it's not 'safe to drive, sir' , is it? A licence to print money, I think. Or am I just being paranoid?
11/05/2012 18:24
Why do cars fail their first MOT? Answer: A total lack of maintenance by their owners! Gone are the days when 'Hubby' spent a Sunday morning under the bonnet checking this, or changing that. Modern cars are advertised as being utterly reliable, so 'Wifey' is totally confused when the car fails the MOT test for having 4 bald tyres, failed bulbs and a knackered windscreen wiper blade.
14/05/2012 09:02
This article is utter crap! The cars with a good pass rating are 5 years old or younger. The cars that fail are 10 years old or older so of course things are going to be wearing out on them. This would only be of any value if the cars tested were of the same age and roughly the same mileage. Even then I would expect £157,000 worth of Aston Martin to do better than £12,000 worth of Ford Fiesta. Look after your car, keep it maintained and it will be fine. This article is just a waist of life, it's utter nonesense and has proved nothing. Thanks MSN for yet another world stopping, crucial and valuable article!!
13/05/2012 11:06

what turkey decided on the comparison for this survey

10 plus year old family cars well used been around the block a few times

of course they are going to have a low pass rate.

against 5 year old super cars that rarely  leave the garage

i'd be pissed off if it didn't pass the mot first time.

12/05/2012 16:38
this article is irrelevant!! How can you compare near new super cars to 14 year old Ford Escort?
11/05/2012 16:31
20 year old cars have a higher falure rate then sub 10 year old modern premium sports cars, stunning stuff
12/05/2012 09:06
If you take into account the relationship between car ages and pass/fail rates then of course they won't look very good for the older cars. Time takes it's toll on metal and moving components especially when the roads get covered with salt around winter time. I think this article was written using the logic of a three year old
12/05/2012 08:29
11/05/2012 21:24

Very unfair for manufactures OK for the Bentley, Astons, Porsche etc., cars serviced by  the main dealers or very expensive specialist how much is it to service these cars, how can  a comparison be made with £40k to £200k cars with a £300 cars a couple of years away from the scrapyard. Compare how much a 15, year old escort cost to service if it gets serviced at all. 


My son and I have owned 7 Citroens between us over  the last 16 years.  M y current  Picasso  I have owned for 6 years it  has 85k on the clock and has never skipped a beat just like all the other Citroens, I service my own car some jobs gets farmed out i.e. belts.

 It is also a fact that the condition and speed cars deteriorate is down to the owner nothing else.

11/05/2012 16:34
No **** Sherlock of course a newer car is bound to have a higher pass rate....idiot Baring teeth
12/05/2012 08:45
This is just a stupid comparison - obviously vehicles that have been on the market for several years will have a lower MOT pass rate when compared to those that have noly been available for a couple. Comparing the Porsche Cayman to the Fiesta is a futile and pointless exercise  
12/05/2012 21:17
i had an old datsun cherry automatic in pristine condition i took it to an mot +garage for its mot,i was informed that it needed all its brake pipes replacing i agreed to this,and later called back for the car having paid at reception i was informed that the pipes that were taken out were just over there in the yard by the young chap who took my money,when i looked at the brake pipes they did not look badly corroded as i was informed so i put them in the car boot and took them to another garage to be looked at,after a good inspection i was informed that there was nothing wrong with them when they asked me why i had them inspected i told them what had happened the garage was quite open in its condemnation of the other garage,so much so they offered to bare witness to the fact should i want to take the matter further,but warned me even in winning i may still come out the loser,i didn't ,BUT I MADE SURE I INFORMED EVERONE I CAME IN CONTACT WITH ABOUT THE GARAGE IN QUESTION i don't know if this had any impact on this establishment i hope it did
13/05/2012 12:53

What a load of crap, so if it fails on a bald tyre then the car is deemed as poor quaility and unreliable?


What about the dufus behind the wheel? That's what we should be concentrating more on!

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