02/04/2013 10:00 | By Gavin Braithwaite-Smith
The best Audi quattro cars ever: in pictures

The best Audi quattro cars ever

The best Audi quattro cars ever (© Audi)
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The best Audi quattro cars ever

Last week the five millionth Audi with quattro four-wheel drive rolled off the production line. Since its birth at the 1980 Geneva Motor Show the quattro name has become synonymous with grip and traction.

Today there are 140 variants of quattro across the Audi range, with as many as 43% of customers opting for the benefit of all-wheel drive. Here, MSN Cars looks back at some of our favourite quattros ever built.

no cars will ever come near to the group b rally cars of the mid 80s
02/04/2013 17:43
Ashes to Ashes is set in the 1980's (starts set in 1981)
02/04/2013 17:53
It was not the first production car to have 4 wheel drive, that honour belongs to a number of manufacturers one of the biggest was the "Four Wheel Drive" company of the US that was before the 1st world war.
02/04/2013 20:18

It might be the 5M th but they have completely washed there hands of the first and best Quattro the produced.

They no-longer want anything to do with runners still out there

02/04/2013 18:05
Many car makers developed 4x4 long before Audi jumped on the bandwagon, they can still only make nose heavy boring cars to drive. Obviously the R8 being the exception as its mid engined, but for a supposed supercar it's dull to drive. The first 4x4 was patented by an Englishman in 1893, the first internal combustion engine powered 4x4 car actually made was made by a Dutch company by the name if Spyker in 1903.

That's the problem with Audi, think if any model they make, & you can easily name a rival with a far superior offering. In the meantime we can all laugh at the idiots that drive base model Audis that think they have a premium product.
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