28/01/2012 15:45 | By Chris Rees
The best and worst Chinese cars

The best and worst cars from China

The best and worst cars from China (© Geely)
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The Chinese year of the dragon is here and it's shaping up to be a big one for China's car industry. Finally, it looks like Chinese cars are coming in the UK in significant numbers.

China has been quietly building a big automotive presence around the world and has even dipped a toe into some European markets. The Italians have been able to buy the Chinese-made DR for years while in Britain, the MG6 and MGTF are Chinese-made (but assembled at Longbridge).

However, the next 12 months will see the arrival of the first all-Chinese cars in the UK when the Great Wall and Geely brands land on these shores. We'll get the wonderfully named Great Wall Wingle (renamed Steed over here) while Geely are bringing us the Emgrand EC7 - a Skoda Octavia-sized car for around £10,000.

The impact of these Chinese arrivals on our domestic car market could be profound and there's a lot for us to learn about the other new models that may be on their way. That's why we've assembled this gallery of the best and worst Chinese cars.

While the best Chinese cars can approach European standards of quality and design the worst are still a very, very long way off. We'll start with the 10 best that China has to offer and then move on to the lowlights...

29/01/2012 14:02
Take the mickey at your peril! Some of the comments here mirror what we used to say about Japanese cars and motorcycles 50 years ago and look what happened! I bet we will all be driving Chinese cars within a decade (if we have any money that is!)
Er, didn't we once deride Skodas? Just look at the style and quality of them now. Oh dear I was forgetting that it was the Germans who took them over rather than us. The early Datsuns from Japan (precursor to Nissan) had well shall I say quirky designs, but were reliable. I was initially ashamed that my local garage (a British Leyland as was then, though had gone through all the Austin and Morris cars in its earlier days) switched to Nissans due to their reliability. Quite frankly they were fed up of having to repair car after car under warranty because they had not been built properly. Datsuns also had every car rust-protected before being sold; again a plus because BL cars were reliable for one thing - rusting!
29/01/2012 08:53

There is so much blah talked about cars, (thanks to progs like Top Gear)  which basically all look much the same, You cannot tell what they are unless you see the badge.

The reason we lost our car industry was strikes, the workers were so greedy they eventually priced themselves out of the markets.

29/01/2012 11:20
Trouble with British people is they are whingers, they whine about the lack of jobs here but don't support their own products, best cars on the road are the new Jaguars, thats why the Chinese are buying them up so quickly, they recognise quality. lets see them make something like a Rolls Royce engine, they couldn't reach that level of quality, all they can do is copy, and produce cheaply.

@ A Bloke think you will Find it was Your left wing/communist trade unions who back and Finance the Liebour party who broke the back of British Car manufacturing in this country It was Liebour who under the orders of the Political Commissars in Europe who allowed British jobs and Work to be Transferred to Eastern Europe.

Vauxhall Cars in Luton was shut simply because the Liebour party (and Political Commissar Mandelson was running things by then because First Minister Gordon Brown could Not be Trusted) allowed one of the most efficient car PRODUCTION plats to close simply because they would NOT stand up against their Masters and the GM board

Germany and even lowly Belgium  and Spain had the Guts Courage to stand up and tell them they where NOT going to allow any plants to be closed in there countries  so many people Lost there jobs because the LIEBOUR PARTY WHO ARE SUPPOSED TO LOOK AFTER THE INTEREST OF THE WORKERS  let it happen

So my little socialist friend Get Your Facts Right.

and No I am Not a card Carrying  member of the Tory party but old enough to remember all the ills that Liebour has inflicted of us the british working Class over the last 50 odd years

09/12/2011 22:30
Best thing we can do is to ignore these cars.  The Chinese have been exporting more and more expensive items - each of which puts another European or American in line for government benefits, to be paid for by your- and my taxes.
29/01/2012 10:22
China could probably bring the word budget back to motoring, initally. They quickly learn production techniques and quality control and take design leads to satisfy markets. Remember early Korean cars - China will establi**** motor industry on a world scale faster.
29/01/2012 12:13

To David,  you should stop flying right away, either Boeing or Airbus. You also should drop everything around you...you (or anyone else) know the reason, but you don't dare to admit it.

JLR sales number could not reach to Top20 in China...Don't be joking. JLR not only belongs to TATA, but also so many indians or others employed in JLR. Where are we? Nothing left in UK, only some losers who grumbling through Keyboard which is made in China.

10/12/2011 16:36

Might as well get this in because MSN seems to in the hands of the Censors and refused to Allow free thought, and speech, Still we Might well have to get used to it because this is what it would be like under the Watchful eye of the Ubber Alles  der   Political Commissars in Polit Euro Land the Corrupt Organisation who would Rule us Completely.

Glad Cameron has the Bottle to Stand Up to Them and tell them where to go

RED ED MILLIBAND WOULD NOW DOUBT HAVE GURNED HIS WAY THROUGH A  SPEECH PROMISING TO SIGN US UP TO THE EURO.  PROMISING TO BORROW BILLIONS MORE CASH TO HAND OVER TO THE CORRUPT GOVERNMENTS TO SQUANDER,  and of course we the smucks would be left to pay even More Taxes to pay it all back, this is on top of the Billions that Brown and his Clowns (Milliband being in his circus at the time don't forget) done when they  where in power not so long ago,  and like kettle not a member of the Tory's but a UK Citizen who wants to Protect what should be Ours and NOT given away to our (former !!! yea) enemies who those of you that can remember a bit of history

both France and Germany have stated "they cannot beat us at war so they will beat us economically" and This is What they are Trying To Do.


29/01/2012 03:34
If you don't have an independent thought don't write on this blog!
02/01/2012 20:07
Despite the hoots of derision made by your article, China has produced some interesting and easily affordable cars in the last few years. We have owned several. Our Mitsubishi engined BYD F3R gave us two and a half years of virtually faultless service before being traded in for a new Samsung SM7 (look it up on the web) and our Hafei Ruyii crew cab pick up was a steal at well under four grand and just what we wanted for light farm work in South America. It did far more than we ever expected of it considering its origins. We also invested in an unknown and unnamed ATV which has proved useful for running around on. If we have one criticism of Chinese vehicles it's the electrics which can be delicate and spares may not be so easy to obtain. Everything else is on the nail and you cannot complain considering the almost giveaway prices charged in some countries. Chinese vehicles here (buses, trucks, cars and motorcylles) are making big in roads in traditional markets are are now on every street. Their products can only get better. 
10/12/2011 15:24
If i want a car that looks like VW/Audi group one,then i will buy a VW or an Audi.Why do you think it has taken so long for them to get a foothold in Europe,let alone the UK.......because they are rubbish,that is why.

They will make our old Austin Maestro look like an Aston Martin.

11/12/2011 13:59

Nice to see some circumvention of the new MSN policy of only being allowed to discuss fluffy kittens or Cheryl Cole.


I thought that getting people to your website was a commercial descision that generated more money for those with the most viewers.


I now don't go to MSN from one week to the next - it used to be 20 times a day.

08/12/2011 21:21
It's also a decent taxi. Better than the thousands of Hyundais that ply their trade around Beijing.
10/12/2011 20:45
Well done Mr C.  Time to go to the country and heave out the sandal and toga wearers.  As for Sarko he's no Napoleon and Merkle ain't going to lead the 4th reich.  Two bums lost at sea.  Turn up the heat and give them no respite.  And tell Clegg to shut his trap otherwise he can join the dole queue.
08/12/2011 21:19
I like it! It looks like a Rover 90: it's VERY British in an early 60's way.
29/01/2012 20:57
Ethelred...The UK generates more ideas/inventions per capita than any other country???!!! What planet are you on? You must have been holed up in your self-induced 200 years sleep.

According to WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) and see wikipedia as well, the latest figures for patents applications & granted in 2010 are:

1. Japan:  502,054 & 239,338
2. USA: 400,769 & 146,871
3. China: 203,481 & 48,814
4. S. Korea: 172,342 & 79,652
5. Germany: 135,748 & 53,752
6. France: 47,597 & 25,535
7. UK: 42,296 & 12,162

Britain is not even a top 5 country anymore, and in terms of patents approved even Italy and Russia have more. We'd all like to believe the stories about British high-tech & innovations, but the reality this country has been sliding backwards for years in these areas.
29/01/2012 06:04

The worst vehicle they make is the London cab they catch fire have radiator and gearbox problems and constant engine breakdowns

They should be scrapped now

Geely can stick them where the sun don't shine

29/01/2012 11:00

Think I might have to start saving my pennies

29/01/2012 18:38
a lot of the comments just show the arrogance , moaning and whining of  the British claiming that that they are the best and make the best products. You really are daydreaming. All industries have been decimated and the only one still ticking is the the banking and finacial services sector and this is in danger now that the EU is moving ahead without this country. Whatever the quality of the chinese cars is down to the consumer to buy it or not. Thats how the market works. The same thing was said about the japanese cars and other products and look who is the leader on electronic equipment? The same will happen eventually with the chinese products.
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