17/01/2013 13:56 | By Sean Carson
The best and worst car brands for engine reliability

The most and least reliable car engines

The most and least reliable car engines (© MG)
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An engine is fundamental for four-wheeled propulsion, so when it fails to work it’s a big problem – and potentially an expensive one at that. Here is the list of the 10 best and 10 worst manufacturers for engine reliability according to 2012 data from warranty company Warranty Direct.

Want to know if your car’s engine is a reliability rock or a coughing crock? Click on to find out…

17/01/2013 20:54

warrenty direct is as fake as this blog. they are another fraud that get away with it like some of the cars they claim to be good or bad.


18/01/2013 06:05
Who wrote this rubbish? Land Rover, Jaguar & Mercedes should not be in the top 10 for reliability, this just does not ring true at all.

Land Rover & Mercedes are especially notorious for their unreliability.
18/01/2013 15:43

How can you claim that MG Rover makes the most unrelable engines when they haven't made one for EIGHT YEARS!!! And to make matters worse, you've posted a picture of the new MG6, which isn't even made by the same company!!! Utter rubbish

17/01/2013 22:38
What garbage. If MG/Rover is included and they haven't been produced for years, now wonder they break down a lot. It would be interesting to see ages and number of cars involved in this survey.
Yet another bunch of rubbish turned out by a schoolboy on a small sample just to make the headlines.

18/01/2013 10:01

I wonder if any brown envelopes have passed hands in the compiling of this survey.

Fiat, who with any knowledge of cars would buy one of those ?

Where is Skoda ? They win all sorts of awards.


18/01/2013 11:38
I would not trust Warrenty Direct, I have been driving Audi's for years and never had a problem, but had a problem with Warrenty Direct and have now cancelled
17/01/2013 21:51

I'd love to know where you get your information from.


I've driven  Beemer's for 20 yrs or more and they've never let me down.


And you've got a FIAT down as a reliable car!!!!


Come off it you've having a laugh aren't you???  

18/01/2013 11:50
I had a Warranty Direct policy on two cars, ford & vauxhall, both had engine failures, claims rejected because not serviced by their garages,  So any survey by them, I would take with a very large bit of salt!,  I have a Chrysler 300c, so, so reliable!
18/01/2013 14:11
Find this hard to believe when Jaguar, Mercedes and Landrover come out poor in all other reliability surveys. But then Warranty Direct come out poor in dependability reviews.
17/01/2013 20:11
Not felicity (partner) Toyota's are brill for realiability bought an old shaped corrolla vvti 4 years ago with 40k on the clock drinks a little oil, they all do! but I have had to do is replace one head light bulb, one interior light and a set of spark plugs, thats all! Now I have nearly 90k on the clock and still going strong!
18/01/2013 14:20
this survey is like all the rest, a waste of time. They should do a survey on it. ?
17/01/2013 21:47
cant believe the nissan navara aint in the top ten worst , this survey is  crap
A lot of the older car makes live off their old reputation . As a rule of thumb most reliable car makes are now Japanese ,some may despute that but  having worked first for Ford then both the old British Chrysler  then the French  company , and then onto Nissan ,I know which I prefer . I have had some good Mercs.  and even a couple of V 8 Yanks , but it also depends on the kind of car you like - not always the best or most reliable . Of course some foreign  motors are expensive to run &  parts can be a nightmare & not always just on supercars . Beware  the younger driver who might go for style ,reputation or simply the badge on the front , they will argue till the cows come home that some overrated car is the best .
17/01/2013 16:35
Well my mg zs is running just fine and has been for 6 years...ok when i first bought it i had the head casket done and anything water involved replaced cost £1,000 but its been fine since so 6 years x £1,000 makes it £166 a year iam happy with that.
18/01/2013 10:50

The MG Rover model shown isn't!   It's an MG which is now manufactured in China and assembled in the UK.  Presumably Warranty Direct mean the old Phoenix Four owned MG Rover which went bust!


Whoever compiles these articles really should try harder.  I presume you'll have loads of photos on file of MG Rovers.  Perhaps a bit more research might have prevented this schoolboy error!

18/01/2013 14:19

I've had my Honda Civic for 10 years, it has NEVER let me down - it is 14 years old this year. Still looks good, drives well and is very reliable and nippy,  Could do with modernising ie:  slow electric windows and heating motor and old fashioned seat/interior trim,. but thats it.  The only downside is  insurance class is sport.   Honda Civic Vtis 1795cc.

My husband asks every year if I want another car, never. Even if I win the lottery it will have the biggest makeover ever.

I love my Honda.

18/01/2013 02:43

My car is now 27 years old and I've owned it for the last 10 years, got no plans to change it, if I do it'll be for another.

18/01/2013 00:21
Having had various Hondas and currently a Toyota i have to agree with these findings. The one that surprises me the most is Fiat, with Alfa they were always at the bottom of reliability surveys. Obviously their engines must be more reliable than their cars overall.
18/01/2013 07:33

I don't know on what timescale these judgements are made. In my younger days, I would get rid of a car if within a year or two its engine was giving me grief.

Five years ago I bought a quite old, low mileage, VW 2.8 V6. The engine is fantastic. Never given me a problem - it behaves like a teenager on drugs or an old man on a walking stick! It has never let me down.

What an engine!

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