26/07/2013 12:45 | By Sean Carson
The automatic gearbox: a history

The rise of the dual-clutch gearbox

The rise of the dual-clutch gearbox (© Newspress)
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Although Porsche was actually the first manufacturer ever to develop a dual-clutch gearbox (on its 956 and 962 racing cars in the 1980s) it wasn’t until the 2000s that double-clutch transmissions became prevalent in road cars.

The 2003 Volkswagen Golf R32 was the first to feature a gearbox with two clutches – one that handles first, third and fifth gears, the other that copes with second, fourth and sixth – allowing seamless switches between ratios and next to no loss of drive.

28/07/2013 16:23
I prefer the bmw 8 speed, i drove the 9 speed mercs before i bought the bmw. mercs was too jerky where-as the bmw was soooooooooooooooo smooth , you didnt know it had changed gear, shove the mercs gearbox, a poor relation to bmw anyday, bmw as cheaper on insurance, better fuel economy with efficiant dynamics and faster, ride was better also, mercs havent kept up with bmw, they are way behind
28/07/2013 17:34
This will be a boon for today's motorists, most of whom appear not to know where the gear lever is, preferring instead to plod round roundabouts in 4th whilst complaining of poor petrol consumption
29/07/2013 02:55

Being a Merc driver with an Automatic gearbox. It is the most expertly built car in the world as far as i,m concerned. I have had mine 4 years and it has never had a breakdown or let me down in any way. It is serviced when the lights tell me and it has been all over Europe   This new gearbox has to be the way forward for fuel efficiency.


but all big  cars suck on consumption.

29/07/2013 12:24
So really this isn't the history of the automatic gearbox but a list of who had more gears first. Well done.
28/07/2013 17:24
Cool, so racing counterparts will be all Autos?

Too many gears would mean the management wouldn't know which gear to use at which time.

29/07/2013 02:59
Lewis Hamilton wins in Mercedes. there you have it. good combination.
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