05/11/2012 16:18 | By CJ Hubbard
The 4x4s that hold their value best

The 4x4s that depreciate slowest

The 4x4s that depreciate slowest (© Land Rover)
  • The 4x4s that depreciate slowest (© Land Rover)
  • 10) BMW X1 2.0d 177 SE (© BMW)
  • 9) Porsche Cayenne 3.0 TDI V6 Tiptronic (© Porsche)
  • 8) Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0 TDI 170 R Line 4motion (© Volkswagen)
  • 7) Audi Q7 3.6 FSI V6 quattro S line Tiptronic (© Audi)
  • 6) Range Rover Sport 3.0TD SE auto (© Land Rover)
  • 5) Land Rover Discovery 4 3.0 TD GS auto (© Toyota)
  • 4) Toyota Land Cruiser Amazon 4.2TD auto (© Toyota)
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Industry valuation specialist Glass’s has taken note of the calendar and decided the impending arrival of winter is a good time to check out 4x4 pricing. This list is its top 10 selection of SUVs that have held their value best over the past three years – great to know if you’re looking to buy and want to get the most out of your investment.

All of the used values quoted are trade-in prices at three years and 37,000 miles, according to Glass’s. Can you guess which off-roader loses the least money over this time? You might be surprised. Here’s the list in reverse order…

Most and least reliable used 4x4s and SUVs

07/11/2012 20:02

Buy a horse it goes anywhere

Cheap to run

Pulls most things

Vet bills a bit on the dear side however get a plan and its ok

No rust

Exhast can smell but look on the good side the waste does wonders in the garden

By far the best 4x4

06/11/2012 14:44
While they all may have all wheel drive only a few are proper 4x4 vehicles and they are Land Rover and Toyota, the rest are either SUV or soft roaders.
06/11/2012 15:22

I would say to anyone who thinks they want a 4x4 but don't know which one to go for-----buy a few copies of of REAL off road magazines ie 4x4 mag and land rover and land rover international and find out from the experts what they rate and why.

You'll find that their opinions are much more  informed than those  of main steam car mags who really don't know what to look for or how to measure  a 4x4's ability.

You may not need a real 4x4 but there's nothing worse than thinking your shiny new suv can cope with anything and finding out the hard way that it falls at the first hurdle.

06/11/2012 19:42

Personally I wouldn't recognise most of these cars as a 4x4 suitable for off roading.  I have a 300 tdi defender which is wonderful, but as far as holding value is concerned, how about my 40 years Range Rover?  Still looks great and still does the job.  Most of these shiny cars won't be around in 40 years let alone as a working 4x4.


On road:  surely ESP means you don't need a 4x4?

06/11/2012 15:16
They missed the best 4x4, which is the Toyota Hi-Lux, I have had mine for 12 years, done 250,000 km, with no major problems. Like Top Gear's, I left it in a foolded stream for a week, draned the fuel (had water in it) refiled & it started 1st time!
06/11/2012 20:41
06/11/2012 15:15
Strange there is no Honda CRV in among this lot. Everywhere I look it is top of the pile and supposedly this years Car of the year.

I think I saw it in a car mag as the cheapest to repair per mile (figures by one of the large hire companies if I recall correctly)

They seem to cost plenty to buy in the 2nd hand market as well so must have good residual value

06/11/2012 20:45
i see you not said anything about the Mitsubishi shogun, this has been around for some years now, think you need to rethink about the cars/suv   your posting about.
06/11/2012 21:25
I got a Toyota Rav4 2.0 D4D it's 2004  done nearly 87,000. It's a great little 4X4 which is full time, i get great miles to the gallon and with the right tyres on has no problems in mud or snow. A 4X4 will only handle how the person drives it.
06/11/2012 18:17
pity these cars are such stupid prices and why would you want to throw so much money away would sooner invest my money than give it to the vat man.
08/11/2012 17:50

Thanks to Peter McNally for  the info on all terraine tyers--that's good but mud tyers won't help you in snow.OK so people who live and work in towns and cities don't need 4x4's because the roads are smooth, salted and gritted but then they don't need 170 mph sports cars either in 30 or 40 speed limits.

So where do you draw the line

We need 4x4's out where I live 20 miles from the nearest town they don't clear snow in lanes and backroads. Last year those of us with 4x4's were taking hot meals to the elderly, getting people to the doctor and for three weeks picking up our own post where the van (on snow tyers) couldn't get through;

we don't all drive £80;000 Range Rovers but 4x4's that have a job to do and we need them.

08/11/2012 02:28

Alan Hardy is right. The Hilux has been around forever, why? It's virtually bullet proof. I live in Thailand for a lot of the year driving a Fortuner SUV based on the Hilux. This vehicle and the vast amount of Hilux/Vigo's over here speak volumes about the legendary performance and long life of these vehicles some of which go round the clock 3 times! still carrying ridiculous loads over really awful terrain.

By the way - I don't have any connection with the manufacturer.

07/11/2012 18:05

i have a mitsubishi **** that is 21 years old and not a spot of rust

mechanicaly perfect

pulls a caravan no sweat  

i love my mitzy.

08/11/2012 19:30
I have a 200 tdi  defender for 'playing' in the rough and a 322 Range Rover for all round use. Both have been great as far as losses are concerned...by it right and avoid new...bought my 2006 RR322 when the market was dead  in 2009 when it was 2 1/2 years old. The average price today is still about 85% of my purchase price and Landrover give me a warranty extension every year for about £750 and that includes road assist, euro assist etc and even mot repairs to £750 also. The defender just grows in value every year. Few issues with the RR in 4 years and found it very reliable. The Defender rattles everywhere but it is 20 years old and still looks good and goes well......Conclusion...buy a Land Rover or Range Rover but avoid teh first 2 years depreciation by buying a good used car.
08/11/2012 14:18
2000 Landrover Discovery II Td5 XS Originally £29,000, bought one year old £19,000 - now 12 years old and valued by dealer at £2,000 so its cost around £1,500 a year to own it plus servicing, repairs, tax, fuel, etc. etc. the sun roof p***es water in when it rains and the chassis is rotten??? nice one Landrover/BMW :) then again it has done 135,000 miles and has been pretty reliable and can't fault it in the snow ...
07/11/2012 09:53
The singualrly biggest factor in coping with winter conditions is tyres. Put some decent all terrains or even  mud terrains on your family motor and be amazed at what you can then cope with. The way the car is driven is paramount, what gear, when to apply power etc.  The only  vehicle in this list   I have ever seen at a 4x4 site or on a green lane is the land rover disco 4, so really proper off-roading doesn't come into this. I'm forever dumbfounded by the people who buy these vehicles then really don't put them to proper use. They are no bigger inside than a good sized estate, not as good at the every day, invariably cost more to run and insure, tax  etc. and in real terms are not as safe as one would think,  so they can only be a status symbol. Go figure.
08/11/2012 20:53

i would of thought the land rover defender would of been on this list


08/11/2012 04:47
I might be missing something but the article was on holding value not ability. Can't comment on relative performance of these but indicates where to put your money
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