21/10/2012 13:17 | By Chris Rees
Survivors: the longest-lived cars you can still buy new

VW Kombi T2 (1967-2013)

VW Kombi T2 (1967-2013) (© Volkswagen)
  • VW Kombi T2 (1967-2013) (© Volkswagen)
  • Morgan 4/4 (1936- ) – 76 years (© Morgan Motor Company)
  • Jeep CJ (1944- ) - 68 years (© JEEP)
  • Morris Oxford/Hindustan Ambassador (1955-) – 57 years (© Hindustan Motors)
  • Lotus/Caterham Seven (1957-) – 55 years (© Caterham)
  • UAZ 469 (1965-) – 47 years (© UAZ)
  • Lada Niva (1976-) – 36 years (© Lada)
  • Bristol Blenheim (1976-) – 36 years (© Bristol)
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Millions of sun-bleached surfers and wizened old hippies around the world will have felt a disturbance in the force this week as it was announced that a faithful old friend will soon pass into history. Volkswagen says that, after 63 years of continuous production, from 2013 the classic VW Kombi will no longer be built.

The final Kombi will roll off the last remaining production line in Brazil on 31 December 2013, over six decades after its 1950 launch. The vehicle was replaced in Europe in 1979 but production continued in South America and there are still UK companies converting the Brazil-built models (which are known as T2s) into the camper vans that gave the Kombi a place in so many hearts.

It's the latest South American car safety legislation that's caused the axe to fall. Volkswagen would have had to redesign the Kombi completely in order to make it comply with the new 2014 safety rules and that wasn't financially viable.

With another famously long-lived car going the way of the dodo, we wondered how many other classic designs are still rolling off a production line somewhere in the world. Click the link for our round-up of the car world's greatest survivors...

On Bing: images of the VW Transporter T2

27/10/2012 21:03
Landrover defender 110, 90 great vehicle. My one sounds and runs like a tractor, Good for towing a good 3 tonne, The best workhorse by far....................
27/10/2012 18:27
NOW THIS IS A GOOD CAR ,landrover and austin.

You can't polish a poo, but you can spray paint it and fit a stereo.


I am afraid apart from the body styling and extra fripperies every car made today is an old design still in production.

Am I supposed to be impressed that a car will park itself ?. Or that it has twin-zone air con ?.

I can park a car myself, and if my passenger is too hot or cold, I can set the temperature at medium.

I want the 100 mpg, 200 mph flying car.

I want  a car that has advanced as much as an aeroplane has and do not tell me it can not be done because I know it can.

If there is anyone out there who can accept we are not yet at the pinnacle of evolution and has the ability to finance such a car, please let me know.



27/10/2012 21:30
We had a split screen camper when I was a kid. It's still considered an iconic van and when my dad replaced it with a later model, circa 1976, all hell broke loose in our house. Happy days.......
27/10/2012 20:30
On my recent visit to Russia i was very surprised to see that Chrysler! YES the US giant now market the LADA Niva full time as the Chrysler Niver.??!!
27/10/2012 21:57
 the engine was at the rear europe said put it at the front for safety  the reason it was designed into the present vw van shame it had to be.
26/10/2012 22:25
Also add London taxi, Fiat 500 relaunch, VW Beetle relaunch, Minis, Royal Enfield motor cycle, Vespa, and new Lamretta relaunch, etc.
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