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Survivors: the longest-lived cars you can still buy new

Survivors: the longest-lived cars you can still buy new

Survivors: the longest-lived cars you can still buy new (© Associated Press)
  • Survivors: the longest-lived cars you can still buy new (© Associated Press)
  • Hindustan Ambassador (1957-) - 57 years (© Associated Press)
  • VW Kombi T2 (1967-2013) (© Volkswagen)
  • Morgan 4/4 (1936- ) – 76 years (© Morgan Motor Company)
  • Jeep CJ (1944- ) - 68 years (© JEEP)
  • Lotus/Caterham Seven (1957-) – 55 years (© Caterham)
  • UAZ 469 (1965-) – 47 years (© UAZ)
  • Lada Niva (1976-) – 36 years (© Lada)
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The Hindustan Ambassador was formerly one of the stars of our longest-lived cars gallery, but now - for a while at least - production has ceased. It brings to an end 57 years of continued production and with it, the end of an era.

For now, Hindustan Motors is saying that - should an investor be found - production could restart. But with low productivity and poor discipline at the Kolkata factory, the future looks grim for the icon formerly known as the Morris Oxford.

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27/10/2012 21:03
Landrover defender 110, 90 great vehicle. My one sounds and runs like a tractor, Good for towing a good 3 tonne, The best workhorse by far....................
27/10/2012 21:30
We had a split screen camper when I was a kid. It's still considered an iconic van and when my dad replaced it with a later model, circa 1976, all hell broke loose in our house. Happy days.......
27/10/2012 18:27
NOW THIS IS A GOOD CAR ,landrover and austin.

You can't polish a poo, but you can spray paint it and fit a stereo.


I am afraid apart from the body styling and extra fripperies every car made today is an old design still in production.

Am I supposed to be impressed that a car will park itself ?. Or that it has twin-zone air con ?.

I can park a car myself, and if my passenger is too hot or cold, I can set the temperature at medium.

I want the 100 mpg, 200 mph flying car.

I want  a car that has advanced as much as an aeroplane has and do not tell me it can not be done because I know it can.

If there is anyone out there who can accept we are not yet at the pinnacle of evolution and has the ability to finance such a car, please let me know.



08/06/2014 15:37
Well all I can say is vote UKIP.   Europe doesn't like anything British.  Yet another law from Brussels, how stupid.
09/06/2014 13:31
Interesting article, however, the Bristol Blenheim has not been in production since 2009.
07/06/2014 18:32
Lada's Niva DID contain many ex-Fiat 124 components: most of the cabin body pressings and glazing were shared with the Riva.
26/10/2012 22:25
Also add London taxi, Fiat 500 relaunch, VW Beetle relaunch, Minis, Royal Enfield motor cycle, Vespa, and new Lamretta relaunch, etc.
08/06/2014 12:22
land Rover defender - beautiful car to llok at and possibly own but it is very uncomfortable to sit in if you are a passeger - The compnay should have improved the back sitting - re- designed the interiro space and this would have made it worthwhiel
I think landi should live on forever
07/06/2014 18:37
As for the durability of Toyota pick-ups, Top Gear lacked ambition. They put it ON a tower block and demolished it under the vehicle. If they'd put it on the ground floor, dropped the building onto it, dug it out THEN been able to drive it, that would have been much better (and very unlikely!)
27/10/2012 21:57
 the engine was at the rear europe said put it at the front for safety  the reason it was designed into the present vw van shame it had to be.
27/10/2012 20:30
On my recent visit to Russia i was very surprised to see that Chrysler! YES the US giant now market the LADA Niva full time as the Chrysler Niver.??!!
06/06/2014 19:15

It’s surprising how many of these cars are still in production: makes me wonder why some countries are being sold out dated cars to sell new.


Can you buy a Punto in Brazil? Or are Fiat only allowing Brazilians to buy a car that’s years past it’s sell by date over in Western Europe? Because if so I don't think that's fair.

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