31/01/2012 16:10 | By Chris Rees
Supersize me: 12 unfeasibly large cars


Superbus (© Superbus)
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OK, its maker calls it a bus, but it sure looks like a car - one with six wheels and 23 seats. It measures all of 15 meters long, 2.55m wide and 1.65m tall, and weighs 9.5 tonnes when fully loaded. Speaking of which, the 23 passengers access the car through one of sixteen gullwing doors. The Superbus is no slow coach, either, with a cruising speed of 155mph (and on electric power alone).

01/02/2012 15:08
Do not confuse meter with metre. A meter is a device that measures and records something ( a gas meter), whereas a metre is a unit of measurement or the rhythm of a poem. However, the American spelling for both meanings is meter.

source: http://oxforddictionaries.com/definition/meter--2?q=meter

So, 'meter' and 'metre' both exist in English and mean different things.
01/02/2012 01:50
I would love one of these massive motors  but every Green  Activist with in a thousand mile would be out to get me so I will stick to my Maybach 
01/02/2012 18:11
01/02/2012 23:44
With an overall length of 21'6",  the last Rolls-Royce Phantom VI  was  6.408 metres  and not a mention
31/01/2012 22:44
when I posed  by the bugatti royale i was busting for a pee - hence the crossed legs - nice car to drive though .
01/02/2012 04:25
@ Christopher F.

How would you spell the World Trade 'Center'.  It is established as that spelling instead of Centre used in the UK.

The same goes for Meter and Metre.  

There are many types of English in this world.  The 2 main ones being English UK and English US.  SO THEY ARE USING ENGLISH!

So you have discredited the article by picking it apart.  Have you ever considered that uk.msn.com takes on UK news, but is primarily done by Americans, considering msn.com started out in life as an American website.  Therefore, it is correct in every right.

I get annoyed when sometimes auto-correct demands that it must be English US, but in all honesty, English US is an easier version of English to learn.  It is mainly a more phonetic language compared to our language, the hardest language in the world to learn.  I envy the Americans sometimes because of this.  Metre does not make any sense.  Phonetically, it should be Met-rrr.  Meter phonetically is Me-terrr (Forgive me but proper phonetics, I haven't done it in years).  

So uk.msn.com please continue in this vein of work, because you are doing it as you see fit :)
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